The start of our weekend...

We started our weekend off by spending Friday night at Les & Lori's visiting with Courtney & Brett, (who were in town from Springfield) & Lee (who was in town for STL). Lori cooked us Italian Beef and cheesy potatoes! Yum! I even got a sneak peak at Court's wedding dress! SHHH! I love it and we are so excited about their wedding next summer!

P had a blast with Jake, Mason, and Bailey (the 3 dogs). As you can see here...he loved the wet kisses! Court gave him a ride on her shoulders, but he was too concerned with taking out her bobby pins. Here are the stairs that he was glued to the whole night. I am not sure what was so funny about sitting on the stairs...but hey...whatever floats your boat right?!Some fun on the hammick...but again...VERY focused on the dogs!


Is this a sign?

My son is so familiar with the tylenol bottle that he knows where it goes...in the mouth...is there anything wrong with that? Look...he's even giving me that 'crack addict' look like, "don't even think about taking this away from me!"

Daddy's don't know!

I guess you could say I have been a "typical" first time mom for the majority of Parker's first year. I am super protective, over emotional, and ready to take him to the ER the second he bumps his head. I probably shouldn't feel guilty...I am sure most first time moms can relate and are even more protective than me (maybe not so much but it makes me feel better to pretend).

So you can imagine how alarmed I was when I noticed my son was playing in the street outside with his daddy. Yes, I did say STREET...as in...WHERE CARS DRIVE. We were all outside (me, J, P, and Klay) playing in the front yard. Well, J and I weren't playing, but P and K were. P loves to be outside. Anytime he is being fussy...remedy...OUTSIDE TIME! He enjoys picking up the rocks and throwing them. Such a typical boy. Well, I ran inside (for 2 seconds) to grab my camera (ofcourse) and when I returned to the front yard...J was chasing P down the street. No lie. And the best part about it was...J thought there was nothing wrong with having a one year old in the street! I actually captured the moment on my way out to rescue him. Daddy's, they just don't know!ps to stick up for J some (and only some)...I guess I should add that we do live in a neighborhood where theres not alot of traffic. In fact, not one car drove by the whole time we were outside, but still...not my point. Point = 1 year olds don't need to be playing in the street. Again, this is where my husband would chime in with "sweetie, calm down".

Remembering Papa Keith...

For P's 1st birthday he received a very special gift...a rocking chair that use to be daddy's...AND before that...use to be Papa Keith's. Gma Sherry had the chair painted and reupholstered and gave it to P for his 1st birthday. He loves to climb up in it and let me rock him. It has become a ritual almost everynight before bedtime. It's so sweet and I can't help but think of good ole Papa Keith everytime he's sitting in it. Jeff and I miss him dearly and wish he could see how perfect our P-man turned out! We know he's watching from above! We love you Papa Keith.


LPL Conference

I thought it was fitting to post this since I was just talking about it. J went to the LPL conference in downtown Chi a few weeks ago and got the pleasure of meeting Ozzie Smith (and getting a signed ball). Not to mention, Sheryl Crow performed the first night of the conference! That to me sounds more like a party than a investment conference? And to think I turned down going??? I'm putting it on my calendar to go next year!

Trip to the CARDS game!

We made a trip to STL last night to watch the Cardinals play. We went with Jeff's business partner Bob, his wife, and some of Bob's clients. I never usually get TOO excited to watch a cards game. I mean, it is on our tv every night of the week, so 'another cards game' didn't initially seem that appealing to me. When J told me we had a suite rented out my mind quickly changed. A suite just sounds so much more my style. haha! Endless food, drinks, and air conditioning! How can you go wrong? And not only that, we had the "Ozzie Smith" suite...J's FAV! How fitting! He just met Ozzie two weeks ago and got his autograph.

As we were walking to our suite we ran into our family doctor, Dr.Lutchka! She is a hoot and we went in her suite for a few minutes to mingle with the SIH docs! And, ofcourse, as soon as we got there I got my infamous pretzel and cheese! Then, I went on to eat the FREE food in our suite; hot dogs, bbq, and nachos. At one point, J looked at me and said "wow sweetie, your going to town". I think it was that moment that I realized maybe I should stop stuffing my face. I mean I did look like a starving child in Africa for a good solid 15 minutes! Even after his comment I decided I was still hungry...well maybe not hungry, but determined to get some dip n dots! After an added 5lbs of food in my belly we sat down to watch the game. Which, let's just say, wasn't much of a game. By the 5th inning I had my Us Weekly out and had almost forgot I was even at a Cards game. Hey, I did catch up on my Hollywood gossip! That's always a plus. The Cards ended up losing 12 to 0! What a disappointment...for J atleast...I only go to the games for the food (as noted above) so it didn't bother me much! All in all, it was a fun night and we had a great time (despite the loss).



During our photo shoot the other night at Jason's house, J and J were trying to take some pictures that were "investment" related. Ofcourse, Jeff had to have some cool financial photos for his blog...and who better to take them then Jason York?!

They were trying to get P to hold an egg so that they could do the whole "investment nest egg" type of photo. Well, instead, P thought he would try and eat it (most likely because mommy hadn't given him dinner yet)! Good thing the egg was boiled because, besides just trying to eat it, he was having a blast throwing it too! I thought these pictures were funny...showing him from first trying to take a bite...to the frustration of realizing he wasn't going to be able to eat it!


Future home of Alliance Investment Planning Group!

It is official, Jeff and his partners have found their own building! To recap (for some of you who may not know), Jeff and 2 others left AGE back in Dec. 2007 to start their own investment firm in Carbondale called Alliance Investment Planning Group - backed by LPL Financial (the largest independent brokerage firm). Even though the decision was a BIG one and very risky, it has turned out to be one of the best decisions J has made! For the last 9 months the four of them (3 from AGE and a guy from Raymond James) have been located at Millwood Suites. For you "out of towners", Millwood Suites is a shared office building that houses a few attorney's, docs, pyschiatrists, and Alliance Investment Planning Group. They have been on the search for their own building, but just hadn't found the right opportunity yet. Well, as of today, they have signed a lease and will be moving to their new office space come Jan. 1! This is an exciting time for Jeff and his business partners so I had to share the story!

The guy that owns the building is going to renovate the entire building, inside and out! He also owns a local restaurant that sits next door called the Newell House. He actually just finished renovating that building and plans to make the Alliance Investment Planning Group building identical!

Here is a 'before' pic. I know it doesn't look like much now...but I have seen the blue prints...and trust me...it will turn out fabulous! They will start construction this week!!

Above is a pic of the building next door (the Newell House) that just got renavated. This is the look that Alliance Investment Planning Group will have as well! See...I told you it will be fabulous!


It pays to have a BF that's a photographer...

Jeff's BF from high school, Jason York, just so happens to be a professional photographer. He owns Jason York Photography in West Frankfort. He does an amazing job and we have the luxury of having him do our pictures pretty often! We went to their house last night for some pizza and pics! Jeff and Jason mostly were doing pics related to J's blog and investment stuff, but we did manage to squeeze in some really cute ones of the fam. Thanks Jason and Jamie...we had a great time!


A day of reminiscing...

Usually we don't have a Saturday that isn't completely full of "to do's", but this morning when we woke up (and we didn't wake up till 8:00am because P didn't wake up until then...a record) I realized that we didn't have an agenda of things to get done. Kind of a nice feeling...for once. Our day started off with a quick trip to the Farmer's Market in Carbondale. We got some YUMMY peaches...I've already had 2! After we got home I thought it would be fun to watch our wedding video. Ofcourse, by this point, J has found things he 'all the sudden' needs to get done. :)

Nonetheless, I popped it in. It wasn't until 20 minutes into it that I realized J was intensely watching too! The two of us (or should I say 3 of us...even though P was mostly playing with his John Deer tractor) watched the ENTIRE wedding and reception video from beginning to end. We found ourselves laughing and crying (well atleast me) and both catching moments that we never knew happened. And by the way dad...that is still the funniest wedding speech I have ever heard!!We laughed forever over that.

It was a nice walk down memory lane! After it was over, J said to me "sweetie, do you have any regrets?" (like he needs to ask)...but to answer his question...I HAVE NO REGRETS! I am so thankful everyday for J and P (& Klaya too) in my life! I have the best family anyone could ask for!


It's Kiks big day!

Today is kiki's birthday and P and I met her and Nin at Ruby Tuesday's for a birthday lunch. If your wondering who kiki is...she is Nina's mom (or wait...should I say sister...she definitely looks like she could be the sister). She is what most men refer to as a "MILF"! She is one hot mama!! What a lucky guy Greg is (although he isn't so bad himself). :)

Kiki bought P a ride on the mechanical tractor at the mall. Then he was trying to kiss the construction worker. Too cute! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIKS! WE LOVE YOU!


The enemy!

Do you see what my husband is holding in this picture? You may think it looks like his blackberry, but I like to refer to it as his "second wife". If you have ever ran into him you will notice he doesn't go anywhere without his blackberry...I even catch him on dinner dates checking the cardinal score???? Who does that? And who made internet available through cell phones? Now don't get me wrong, I don't go anywhere without my lovely Q either, but there is a time and a place to use your phone. Plus, I refuse to pay $40/mth for internet service to my cell phone (especially when I only pay $40 for home internet!). Ofcourse, my husband likes to convince me that he "needs" it for work purposes. Men...they think they "need" EVERYTHING! He does bring home the bacon...so I'll let this one slide :).

I guess the only good thing about him and his phone is I know I will always be able to get a hold of him (well...for the most part, but again, that's for another day). I just had to vent about the darn blackberry!


Happy Birthday Holly Beanie!

Today is Holly Beanie's 3rd birthday! For those of you who don't know Holly, she is my parent's boxer and Klaya's BF! Look how cute they are together here.....

I knew I'd find a reason to buy myself something...

Jeff was at a LPL conference last week in Chicago. Ofcourse he stayed downtown in one of the nicest hotels in the city and was only a block away from Michigan Ave. What does that mean?...That means mommy decided she was going to! I actually only went Wed/Thur and got the pleasure of riding up with Nina (she was headed to the city for a business meeting). It couldn't have worked out more perfect. I spent the majority of my time shopping on Michigan! OFCOURSE! Plus, I got to see my other BF Shannon. We had a girls dinner and the boys met us after. Even though it was a short stay (and a baby free stay thanks to gigi and papa) it was nice to get away for just a night!

Oh and by the way...apparently they were practicing for the air and water show the day I was shopping Michigan. Being the small town southern il girl I am...I was almost positive we were under a terrorist attack for a good 5 minutes. I wish you could have seen the look on my face when these planes were flying in between the buildings! I was sure something suspicious was going on. It wasn't until NO ONE was taking cover and I heard the guy walking in front of me say they do this type of thing every year that I realized my life was not going to end that day. After that whole experience I treated myself to a nice new pair of jeans from Nordstrom. I deserved it, right?! Well, it's a good excuse even if I didn't deserve it.

Hugs all around!

Parker is a hugging machine! Well, let me rephrase that, he loves to hug his CG! (CG is short for curious george-aka the most favorite thing in his life right now). He just loves loves loves his CG from his Uncle Steve! CG and P are BF's as Nina and I would say. In fact, there are times when he seems to want CG over mommy. I have to admit, at times, I am jealous of CG. I just had to post this cute little pic of him giving CG some love!


Brownie Points

Have you ever heard of cause and effect? Well, typically, I would have to say that's a good way to describe a man's thinking when he wants something from you. He knows that if he wants something he needs to give you something first so that it increases the likelyhood of him getting what he wants. Cause and effect. Now ladies I am not just talking about my husband...this is how men work in general. So, usually when my husband starts a sentence off with "Sweetie, I love you...." my first initial thought is 'what do you want from me?' Not to say that my husband doesn't say I love you just to say it, I am not trying to give you the wrong impression, but sometimes there is an underlying reason.

So...last night when we got home from work my husband had placed a card for me by the tv. Apparently, being the blind person I am (note from previous post-I can't read) I did not see it. I think he was waiting and hoping I was going to see it without him having to tell me, but ofcourse, I ruined that for him. Finally at about 8:30 pm he said "Sweetie, look..." I finally looked and saw the card sitting on the tv (it's about time since it had probably been sitting there all night right?). When I opened it and read it, and yes it was SUPER sweet, I can't lie...I thought to myself...'hmmm, what does he want from me?' I have to admit that it's terrible that popped in my head, but again, I am always thinking people want something from me. To my surprise, he DIDN'T want anything in return. He was just being SWEET! It's rare that a man knows how to be sweet just because...but I can admit...MY HUSBAND'S GOT IT DOWN! I feel lucky to have such a wonderful man in my life! I only hope he will continue to do such nice little things for me for years to come.

ps I will keep you posted if it is a delayed cause and effect. For instance, he got the card for me last night knowing that on Friday he is going to ask me if he can have 20 guys over to play poker. I doubt this will be the case, but you just never know. :)


Wait, I could have this...

Most of you that know me would have to agree that I tend to worry...about EVERYTHING! As my husband would say, I am slightly anal (I added slightly, but if HE were writing this I am sure he wouldn't have included it). So I went to an outside birthday party over the weekend where I acquired...oh...close to a zillion (if that's even a #) mosquito bites. Literally, I think I have half a hundred on each leg. Ok, well maybe not that many, but darn near close. This morning I was sitting at work wondering how the heck I was ever going to answer the 25 emails in my inbox because I couldn't type without reaching down every 3 seconds to itch another bite. So instead of being miserable for another 6 hours I decided to head to Walmart to get some anti-itch cream (and yes this is the same cream I had at home before I used the ENTIRE tube on my son's diaper rash...but, I'll save that story for a later date...and no I am not a terrible mother...I just can't read).

Needless to say, I am feeling much better now that I don't feel like I just took a bath in poison ivy. However, I am not going to lie, I mentioned to my husband that I could potentially have WEST NILE VIRUS! Although he thinks I am a nut job...I was half serious. And being the anal individual that I am I started googling west nile on the internet. Initially I was thinking, 'well, if I had west nile surely I would know. I would be sick or something...fever, rash, something'. NOT THE CASE. Do any of you know anything about west nile? Apparently I didn't.

THE WEBSITE READS: "No Symptoms in Most People. Approximately 80 percent of people (about 4 out of 5) who are infected with WNV will not show any symptoms at all." DID YOU READ THAT??? 80% SHOW NO SYMPTOMS. So this just confirms my fears that I could be dying and never even know it!

Here's a sign...USE SOME INSECT REPELLENT! How I am the only one out of the 3 of us that has an absurd number of mosquito bites is beyond me.


More Pictures that I promised.....
(thanks auntie for the photo shoot)

WOW...I'm slow

Yes, that's right, I created this blog over 5 months ago and have done nothing with it. My husband has been hounding me (along with my bf Nina) to get this puppy up and running but, until today, I keep finding better things to do. I finally have decided to take their advice and start trying to post regularly. Side note: let me define regularly - regularly means....in the spare time I have between working, chasing P, cleaning, cooking. laundry, and anything else I can find that's a good excuse. Oh yea...and building a house. I do, however, promise to give it my best effort.
Since I have been away you have missed the most important thing in my baby's life...HIS FIRST BIRTHDAY! I guess I have to start saying toddler now instead of baby. How sad, but exciting at the same time. The picture collage above are some of the pics that Nina took of P last week. She may not be a professional, but you sure would never know. She did a fantastic job! I will post more of the pics she took soon.