Brownie Points

Have you ever heard of cause and effect? Well, typically, I would have to say that's a good way to describe a man's thinking when he wants something from you. He knows that if he wants something he needs to give you something first so that it increases the likelyhood of him getting what he wants. Cause and effect. Now ladies I am not just talking about my husband...this is how men work in general. So, usually when my husband starts a sentence off with "Sweetie, I love you...." my first initial thought is 'what do you want from me?' Not to say that my husband doesn't say I love you just to say it, I am not trying to give you the wrong impression, but sometimes there is an underlying reason.

So...last night when we got home from work my husband had placed a card for me by the tv. Apparently, being the blind person I am (note from previous post-I can't read) I did not see it. I think he was waiting and hoping I was going to see it without him having to tell me, but ofcourse, I ruined that for him. Finally at about 8:30 pm he said "Sweetie, look..." I finally looked and saw the card sitting on the tv (it's about time since it had probably been sitting there all night right?). When I opened it and read it, and yes it was SUPER sweet, I can't lie...I thought to myself...'hmmm, what does he want from me?' I have to admit that it's terrible that popped in my head, but again, I am always thinking people want something from me. To my surprise, he DIDN'T want anything in return. He was just being SWEET! It's rare that a man knows how to be sweet just because...but I can admit...MY HUSBAND'S GOT IT DOWN! I feel lucky to have such a wonderful man in my life! I only hope he will continue to do such nice little things for me for years to come.

ps I will keep you posted if it is a delayed cause and effect. For instance, he got the card for me last night knowing that on Friday he is going to ask me if he can have 20 guys over to play poker. I doubt this will be the case, but you just never know. :)

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