Future home of Alliance Investment Planning Group!

It is official, Jeff and his partners have found their own building! To recap (for some of you who may not know), Jeff and 2 others left AGE back in Dec. 2007 to start their own investment firm in Carbondale called Alliance Investment Planning Group - backed by LPL Financial (the largest independent brokerage firm). Even though the decision was a BIG one and very risky, it has turned out to be one of the best decisions J has made! For the last 9 months the four of them (3 from AGE and a guy from Raymond James) have been located at Millwood Suites. For you "out of towners", Millwood Suites is a shared office building that houses a few attorney's, docs, pyschiatrists, and Alliance Investment Planning Group. They have been on the search for their own building, but just hadn't found the right opportunity yet. Well, as of today, they have signed a lease and will be moving to their new office space come Jan. 1! This is an exciting time for Jeff and his business partners so I had to share the story!

The guy that owns the building is going to renovate the entire building, inside and out! He also owns a local restaurant that sits next door called the Newell House. He actually just finished renovating that building and plans to make the Alliance Investment Planning Group building identical!

Here is a 'before' pic. I know it doesn't look like much now...but I have seen the blue prints...and trust me...it will turn out fabulous! They will start construction this week!!

Above is a pic of the building next door (the Newell House) that just got renavated. This is the look that Alliance Investment Planning Group will have as well! See...I told you it will be fabulous!


Jen said...

Yay! Tell Jeff congrats! I am sure the building will look fabulous!

NMB said...

CONGRATS! Can't wait to watch the construction from beginning to end!! :-)