house plans, house plans, house plans...puke!

So building a new house is suppose to be fun right? You get to pick out EXACTLY how you want your house to look and it actually becomes reality!!! Who wouldn't want to pick out their dream house right?!

Well...it's a lot of pressure to put on the 'picker outer"! What if I make a wrong decision, what if my bathroom turns out too small, or I should have added more storage space, or I should have had 5 bedrooms instead of 4 (in case J trys to knock me up one too many times-highly unlikely)? Or what if I just have BAD TASTE? Why did no one warn me that it is soooo confusing...and sooo stressful! I have looked at house plans after house plans after house plans and I tend to ask myself, how will I ever pick just one? Not only that, but as soon as I think I find one that I really like...I show it to J and he says "no...I hate it." How will we ever agree on one? I guess we did agree on the name of our child so that gives me some hope. :)
I feel like the picture below describes how I am feeling to a T! When I first saw this picture I thought it meant...how to escape from building your house. After I read closer I realized it was actually showing you an escape plan in case of a fire? OOPS! Shows you where my mind is!
We have plans to meet with our builder tomorrow evening and I'm hoping he will give us some some much needed guidance! He will probably think I am crazy because I have about 25 house plans that I am taking and I like something different about each one. :) Customize right? Stay tuned for more to come on house planning...I'm sure this won't be my last post on it (if I live through it). And anyone with useful house planning tips...I'M OPEN. HELP!


Cogski said...

here are my tips i have picked up over the years: don't get a whirlpool, not sure if it's in now but too trendy and more impt you'll NEVER use it. don't do hardwood in kitchen do large tiles like in nina's basement, the wood gets too ruined and beat up in a kitchen. if possible have separate closets. have a separate area in the laundry room or just a separate area in general for ironing. i HAVE to have an ironing board set up full-time whenever i have a house. b/c i HATE setting it up, taking it down and putting it away. ok that's all i have for now, i'll think of some more. i know there's something impt about how the windows open and close i just can't think of what is the correct way...oh and i LOVE screened in porches WAY better than decks or patios, but that's just me :-) Good Luck i can't WAIT to see it!!!!

Cogski said...

one more, i HATE shower curtains!!!!
glass doors throughout is the way to go if you ask me! i guess if the shower isn't used often it's ok since there are some nice/trendy curtains out there but otherwise from that i hate 'em. i'm sure nina can give you the 411 on doors, she loooooves doors! LOL.

NMB said...

Good pointers, JENNAH! And, yes, I'm a pro in "door" dept... Love big solid wood doors...& there is nothing better than opening a door with a grrreat handle! ;-)