The start of our weekend...

We started our weekend off by spending Friday night at Les & Lori's visiting with Courtney & Brett, (who were in town from Springfield) & Lee (who was in town for STL). Lori cooked us Italian Beef and cheesy potatoes! Yum! I even got a sneak peak at Court's wedding dress! SHHH! I love it and we are so excited about their wedding next summer!

P had a blast with Jake, Mason, and Bailey (the 3 dogs). As you can see here...he loved the wet kisses! Court gave him a ride on her shoulders, but he was too concerned with taking out her bobby pins. Here are the stairs that he was glued to the whole night. I am not sure what was so funny about sitting on the stairs...but hey...whatever floats your boat right?!Some fun on the hammick...but again...VERY focused on the dogs!

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