Trip to the CARDS game!

We made a trip to STL last night to watch the Cardinals play. We went with Jeff's business partner Bob, his wife, and some of Bob's clients. I never usually get TOO excited to watch a cards game. I mean, it is on our tv every night of the week, so 'another cards game' didn't initially seem that appealing to me. When J told me we had a suite rented out my mind quickly changed. A suite just sounds so much more my style. haha! Endless food, drinks, and air conditioning! How can you go wrong? And not only that, we had the "Ozzie Smith" suite...J's FAV! How fitting! He just met Ozzie two weeks ago and got his autograph.

As we were walking to our suite we ran into our family doctor, Dr.Lutchka! She is a hoot and we went in her suite for a few minutes to mingle with the SIH docs! And, ofcourse, as soon as we got there I got my infamous pretzel and cheese! Then, I went on to eat the FREE food in our suite; hot dogs, bbq, and nachos. At one point, J looked at me and said "wow sweetie, your going to town". I think it was that moment that I realized maybe I should stop stuffing my face. I mean I did look like a starving child in Africa for a good solid 15 minutes! Even after his comment I decided I was still hungry...well maybe not hungry, but determined to get some dip n dots! After an added 5lbs of food in my belly we sat down to watch the game. Which, let's just say, wasn't much of a game. By the 5th inning I had my Us Weekly out and had almost forgot I was even at a Cards game. Hey, I did catch up on my Hollywood gossip! That's always a plus. The Cards ended up losing 12 to 0! What a disappointment...for J atleast...I only go to the games for the food (as noted above) so it didn't bother me much! All in all, it was a fun night and we had a great time (despite the loss).


NMB said...

12 to 0...Ouch! Our SO IL Boys won BIG last night & are officially in the Playoffs. Heading out to go pay for our tickets now!! Team Timike Dornzano

Jen said...

Not a Cards fan, but I am jealous of the box seats!! Free food is the best :-)
P.S. I know you were teasing about the shoes, but I really did want to share your link and let people know where they can buy them. Addie really does look cute in them doesn't she? Only 6 weeks until our visit...can't wait!!!