Wait, I could have this...

Most of you that know me would have to agree that I tend to worry...about EVERYTHING! As my husband would say, I am slightly anal (I added slightly, but if HE were writing this I am sure he wouldn't have included it). So I went to an outside birthday party over the weekend where I acquired...oh...close to a zillion (if that's even a #) mosquito bites. Literally, I think I have half a hundred on each leg. Ok, well maybe not that many, but darn near close. This morning I was sitting at work wondering how the heck I was ever going to answer the 25 emails in my inbox because I couldn't type without reaching down every 3 seconds to itch another bite. So instead of being miserable for another 6 hours I decided to head to Walmart to get some anti-itch cream (and yes this is the same cream I had at home before I used the ENTIRE tube on my son's diaper rash...but, I'll save that story for a later date...and no I am not a terrible mother...I just can't read).

Needless to say, I am feeling much better now that I don't feel like I just took a bath in poison ivy. However, I am not going to lie, I mentioned to my husband that I could potentially have WEST NILE VIRUS! Although he thinks I am a nut job...I was half serious. And being the anal individual that I am I started googling west nile on the internet. Initially I was thinking, 'well, if I had west nile surely I would know. I would be sick or something...fever, rash, something'. NOT THE CASE. Do any of you know anything about west nile? Apparently I didn't.

THE WEBSITE READS: "No Symptoms in Most People. Approximately 80 percent of people (about 4 out of 5) who are infected with WNV will not show any symptoms at all." DID YOU READ THAT??? 80% SHOW NO SYMPTOMS. So this just confirms my fears that I could be dying and never even know it!

Here's a sign...USE SOME INSECT REPELLENT! How I am the only one out of the 3 of us that has an absurd number of mosquito bites is beyond me.


NMB said...

My appreciate for this story... loyal readers...is why Mandy & I are (what we refer to as) BF's! M & I will be googling & obsessing over & about WNV for at least 2 wks now. J, prepare yourself!

Anonymous said...

Your a dork.



Jen said...

Speaking as a fellow nut job, might I suggest banning yourself from WebMD? I had to do that a long time ago since I was convinced I was dying from at least 15 types of cancer. I am just as bad with Addison. I am googling every sneeze, cough, etc. and I am just lucky that I have a pedi that works well with psycho moms who think their baby is always coming down with something :-)