WOW...I'm slow

Yes, that's right, I created this blog over 5 months ago and have done nothing with it. My husband has been hounding me (along with my bf Nina) to get this puppy up and running but, until today, I keep finding better things to do. I finally have decided to take their advice and start trying to post regularly. Side note: let me define regularly - regularly means....in the spare time I have between working, chasing P, cleaning, cooking. laundry, and anything else I can find that's a good excuse. Oh yea...and building a house. I do, however, promise to give it my best effort.
Since I have been away you have missed the most important thing in my baby's life...HIS FIRST BIRTHDAY! I guess I have to start saying toddler now instead of baby. How sad, but exciting at the same time. The picture collage above are some of the pics that Nina took of P last week. She may not be a professional, but you sure would never know. She did a fantastic job! I will post more of the pics she took soon.

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NMB said...

LOVE THE BLOG!!! Thanks for all the props on the photos...it really helps when you have an adorable subject. xoxo, A.N.