Quite often the P runs around with his belly hanging out. I mean, how can he not, do you see how LARGE it is? On top of it being 'overly' large...he likes to stick it out! I caught him while he was playing on the fireplace sticking it out. J keeps trying to teach him that the lady's are not gonna like that. You would think with how nonstop he is he wouldn't have a huge gut! Not the case.

However, how can the lady's not like this cute little face? He's so sweet sometimes (sometimes folks). This particular time he was running to me and gave me a BIG giant hug! :) Priceless!


It's a big one.

Here is the newest addition to our son's forehead. Culprit = the bookshelf in his bedroom. It was a high speed collision! I felt TERRIBLE for him! I was freaking out...my mom had to stop me and say "Mandy, you need to calm down because you freaking out is making him freak out." I just wish I could have made it better with a magic kiss. :( But, this bruise, not fixable with a kiss. It was immediately black and blue and HUGE. The pictures don't show it's true size...trust me.
We even had to call Gigi over for some second opinion advice on if this bump was ER worthy. He was trying to hold the ice pack to his head (as he was watching spongebob)...too bad he has it on the wrong side of his forehead. It was so cute that he was trying though.

It didn't take long and it was business as usual...throwing toys and standing on the fireplace. Thank god he was okay!

Braden's big day!

One of my college roommates and fellow shaker friends is from Marion and has a little boy that is 8 weeks younger than P. It was his birthday over the weekend so we headed to their new house in Marion for a Sesame Street Birthday bash for Braden! I guess I should say that J has been friends with Graham (Kerri's husband) longer than I have known Kerri. And, in fact, we were kind of the ones who set them up! The pic above is the two daddy's and their little men!

Braden wanted NOTHING to do with his cake! He was having no part of it. Smart guy...his mommy is a clean freak like me so he probably learned that getting messy was not in his best interest. haha! It was so cute because the second that Kerri put the cake on his hand or face...he would start to cry and shake his head no.

He did; however, LOVE opening his gifts. It's too bad P was interfering and trying to help. I kept having to pull him away from the gifts. At one point Braden just sat down on his lap. It was a perfect Kodak moment and I can't wait to show these 2 boys when they are 16 that they were sitting on eachother's lap!
There was even a ball pit for the boys to play in!

All in all it was a fantastic party for Braden! I can just imagine what next year's birthday party's will be like. The TERRIBLE TWO'S!

Taking Izzy for a walk...

Wednesday evening we visited Auntie N and Izzy (kiki's new pride & joy) before Auntie left for NJ! P loves Izzy...and Izzy loves P! P thought he would follow Auntie's lead and take Izzy on a walk.
Here he is getting ready to take Izzy on her walk around the kitchen...
Come on Izzy...stop licking your butt!
And their off!
Izzy is giving some licks (and nibbles too which is why he isn't exactly smiling at the moment). Puppy nibbles don't hurt though. Plus, those little bitty teeth are nothing compared to K's nibbles!


Toilet Training 101

J and I decided (well, it was more ME) that we were going to start learning about how to potty train the P EARLY! WCECC was offering a Toilet Training 101 class at Heartland Regional Medical Center (shhh...don't tell SIH I stepped foot in there) and we decided to attend. As we were driving there I started to feel bad that I was making J come too. I was thinking to myself...'there are probably going to be NO MEN there and he is going to kill me'. I mean, what 'normal' father attends a potty training class with their wife? VERY FEW! haha! Luckily, as we we're walking in we saw some friends of ours, The Webb's! I felt so relieved when I saw Tom had came with Kelly! It made me feel justified in asking J to come. I knew there were other good daddy's out there! Thanks for proving me right Tom!

It was about an hour long workshop and we got some good information on how we can begin the process of potty training...or should I say toilet training? (Anyone else think it's weird that it is now called toilet training. I'm like, "what happened to good ole potty training?" Apparently, that's not the proper term.) Anyway, don't get me wrong, I'm not ready to start tomorrow, I can't even get P to learn 'no' yet, but...I wanted to be "ready" when the time does come. After all, those of you who know me...know I'm a planner. :)

They even had babysitting for the little ones while the parent's sat through the workshop. Here is Logan sharing some of his snacks with Parker after they returned from their "meeting" (according to Logan).


Uh...Halloween costume is not going over well...

When I began to start thinking about Halloween and costumes...I do what I do every year...rack my brain for good costume ideas. And, just like every other year, I usually come up with nothing good. Have you ever been on the halloween cosutme websites? Every year it's the same thing over and over. So boring! I decided this year I would ask J what we should all be for halloween. Although he didn't have any good input for the adult costumes he felt like P should dress up as a bear or a bull. Get it...for the Market. Bear Market/Bull Market. He actually preferred he be a bull because the bull market is the "GOOD" market and ofcourse J is always thinking positive (and always thinking in terms of the market...hence his costume ideas...ridiculous).

I looked for an infant bull costume and came up with nothing...so second resort...the bear costume! This costume was much easier to find! I thought it would be fun to try it on P and see how it looked. Well, I didn't get passed the hood and he was screaming. He hates hats so I should have known he wouldn't like it, but it was so darn cute I had to atleast try. Here are some pictures of us trying the hood on.

It looks like it could be going well in this picture. Don't be fooled...this was only a few seconds in....

Here's how he really felt about the dumb hood!

It's going over well...can't you tell? Halloween may be interesting. Most likely he'll be the bear without the bear hood. I counted...he only kept it on for 53 seconds! :( And it wasn't even a happy 53 seconds so there was no opportunity for a cutesy pic.

Since we are talking about halloween I thought I would post some of our "halloween pasts". Here is our first halloween together. J was "God's gift to Women"...how appropriate. It was actually my idea so I was ok with it! haha! I was some army chic. We pulled these costumes out at the last minute. Literally, we were making J's costume at 6pm the night we were going out.

Dorothy and the Tin Man...this was the night J proposed! It was hard to say 'yes' and take him serious when he was dressed as a Tin Man...especially with his cheesy "I stole his heart" lines. He's so romantic! I love this man! Who else could get there man to dress like this?

And then it's Gilligan and Mary Ann.

We have had some fun halloween's! Who knows what's in store for this year.


J is on a fly hunt...literally

There was a fly taking over our house last night and J was DETERMINED he was going to kill it! For 15 STRAIGHT minutes he walked back and forth between the living room and the dining room trying to find it. It was taunting him. It would fly by and then hide! At one point, J even said..."they need to make fly whistles". ?????????? No idea. All I know is I was trying to watch Dancing with the Stars and I was being interupted by J and his fly hunt! So annoying.
ps He never caught the fly. I finally did convince him to sit down. Thank god!


Not only does the P love the dogs, he seems to love the dog dish as well. I can NOT keep him out of the dog food. I wonder why I even bought him toys. He seems to be more satisfied playing with the dogs stuff! I try and try and TRY to tell him "NO", but he's not getting it. Either that or he's getting it and not listening. I will shake my finger and say "no" and all he does is look at me...pause...and then shake his finger back at me. I have a long road ahead of me!


Love my BF...

Look at the cute gifts my BFN (BF Nina) got me "just because". Isn't that so sweet? And what better stationary then 'babysitter's notes' and 'what's cookin'?' And I LOVE the cute magnets! Thanks N! XOXO! I am so glad I have you! I'll miss you while your in NJ!

Not sure if you noticed my new blog layout, but she is also the one who figured out how to make our blog layouts 3 columns! Ingenious! What do you think?

Daddy's funny

Those of you who know J...know that he can be EXTREMELY GOOFY. I am sure the majority of you have heard my stories about his random dance episodes or his break out "apron" moments (for those of you who haven't heard those stories...don't ask). :) I have a few rare moments on video and if I ever get mad...I may just post them for all my blog readers to see. haha!Saturday morning it was another break out dance session in the kitchen for J and the hand towel. I am pretty sure that P and I were getting ready to eat breakfast...and in walks daddy (no music) with the hand towel and his crazy dancing! Sometimes it has me laughing harder than P...and this particular session was probably the most live entertainment I have seen in awhile. Luckily I had my camera close by and J thought I was snapping shots of P laughing (which I was, but I snuck a few of him in there too-like the one above-I love how the dog is staring too).

P thought daddy was HILARIOUS! I got to give it to him...he was pretty freakin funny!

And then it was "where's daddy?" with the towel.
P is too smart now. He knows how it works!

It's too bad no one else was there to witness my crazy husband acting like a fool! Pictures don't do it justice!



Just about every time I turn around P is falling into something or bumping his head! He is a walking target to EVERYTHING! I can remember when he got his first big bruise on his cheek and I was soooo upset. I hated that it looked like I smacked my child upside the head with a rock when, in reality, he had fallen into the closet door. I think he walked around with that stupid bruise on is cheek for a good THREE weeks. I can just imagine what other parent's were thinking of me when they saw his face! I mean, I know what I use to think of children that I would see covered in bruises. I remember many times thinking 'how terrible, that little kid is probably in an abusive home'.

But boy did I have ALOT to learn about baby boys and bruises. Ever since that first bruise...I can not even count the number of bruises he has had. It's probably in the 40's atleast. It seems like everyday there is a new one surfacing somewhere on my lil guy (AND NO I'M NOT BEATING HIM). Most of them don't seem to phase him. I have to admit, he's a pretty tough fella!

Over the weekend he fell into one of our standing shelves in the living room (this was the day after he had fallen down the stairs at a friends house) and somehow he got his right cheek pretty good and he took all the skin of his pinky toe. Bruises are much easier for me to deal with then blood. I'm not going to pretend I do well with blood....because...I HATE blood. So the second I see him bleeding I FREAK out. Luckily it was just his littly pinky toe and once we ran it under the cold water it wasn't as bad as I was making it out to be.

Here we are cleaning his ouchie in the sink. I put the bandade on and he HATED it. He kept pointing to his toe saying "uhh uhh" (his new communication tactic)...it wasn't 15 minutes and he figured out how to get the bandade off! And can you see how red his cheek is? That ended in a nice black and blue line down his cheek.

Let's just say, when I see a kid with a bruise now...I don't instantly think their parent's are beating them! I realize that bruises are part of being a toddler! I'm sure P has MANY MANY MANY more to come!

P and his B.F.'S

P LOVES the doggies! K and H (Holly Beanie) are his favorite friends...besides C.G. ofcourse. I had to share these cute pictures of him hanging with the two of them.

Yep, just chillin. The dogs seem to love P just as much as he loves them!

Maybe K wants a kiss?

Nah, I think I'll just rest my head on her butt.


I'm R-O-T-T-E-N!

Look at me mommy...I got up on the computer chair all by myself. I'm laughing because I just threw the keyboard on the floor. :) And here I am with mommy's camera case in hand. Watch out mom...I'm about to throw this too! (look at that mischevious face...so rotten!)God love him!

Baby Talk

Parker is now attending his baby talk classes at WCECC in Carterville. It's basically a class where you sing songs, play with other kids, and eat snacks. Up until this point he hasn't had a lot of interaction with other kids so I think it's important to start getting him involved. My mom usually takes him since I am working, but last week I got to go and see what it's all about. I'm not gonna lie, I felt a little weird sitting in a circle of 0 to 2 year olds singing 'the wheels on the bus'...they were even making all the hand gestures that go with the song. This is new to me! I felt so inexperienced because I didn't even know what hand gestures to do when! I had to follow the other moms. It didn't take long and I caught on, but I still felt silly. I guess this is why I am a working mom and not a stay at home mommy. There is something about talking baby all day long that doesn't appeal to me. I need some adult interaction in my life. Plus, it makes me appreciate the time I do have with P. And I don't work Fridays so I get to spend more time with him than most working mommy's. (Oh and I am lucky enough to have my parent's watching him while I'm at work...a big relief...otherwise I might be a stay at home mommy.)

P's thing is throwing....he throws everything! So ofcourse, he started throwing toys at other kids at baby talk. I love this picture because he has two toys in his hands that he's about to chuck at some 18 month old and the little girl next to him is giving him 'the look of death' (mommy was giving him that same look but ofcourse he wasn't paying attention to me). We are working on the throwing thing...trust me.
And here he goes...wish I had the next picture, of the toys on the ground. I am so glad he didn't throw them at the girl in the pink shirt. She already looks pissed.
Here's a good one of him escaping 'book reading' time. He was so focused on that darn slide that he was not about to sit still and listen to Ms. Peggy read a book. Look at all the other kids...sitting there enthralled by the book...and P is looking back like 'that book sucks...come play on the slide'. Trouble maker already. Every week they do a "project". Last weeks project was making a book "all about me". They got to put their hand print and foot print in the book! Being the fact that I am not a 'messy' mommy...I was about to have a stroke when they stuck is hand in the big red ink pad! It's a good thing lots of baby wipes were close by because I was for sure not interested in getting red ink out of his white shirt. It will be interesting to see what next week's class brings. I just hope my son starts learning a few things. He's a tad spoiled at this point! We NEED to get that under control...FAST!



Last Saturday was Harrison's 1st birthday party! It's hard to believe all of our babies are turning ONE! It seems impossible!
Here is Harrison destroying his cake!P and H were having such a good time fighting over H's new mechanical firetruck. P needs to learn how to share. Since he's not in daycare he has no idea what 'share' means. Poor H...he's like "it's my birthday! Get off my GIFTS!" Here is P claiming his victory. H was on to something else at this point so it really wasn't a victory. I guess a mechanical firetruck is in our near future. Someone said "oh, looks like you'll be getting him that for Christmas". In my mind I was thinking, "if it keeps him occupied this long...we'll be buying it tomorrow". haha! Then, I quickly remembered the minature fire truck we have at home that makes noise...LOTS of noise...and I was over buying anything else with that same capability...even if it did make him happy for 20 LONG minutes. Sorry P...that's a no-go!
By the end of the party, P was finally learning how to share (sorta). He is trying to give H is balloon! Awwww! He is quite the indian giver though, so I am pretty sure that as soon as H tried to take it...P pulled it back. Well, it was cute for a second. Good thing I had the camera for this rare moment of P's sharing ability!

Who me?

"I wasn't eating cookies mom"...
looks real believable huh?! Way to go Les, now my child is obsessed with chocolate chip cookies. First time you babysat it was Miller Chill and now cookies. No wonder P loves your house.


Can I get a Shaker shout out!

Wow...so a few nights ago I was going through all my old pictures. I was trying to find some of me and my grandpa for a book my aunt is doing for his 80th birthday party. I got a little side tracked with all the other old pictures and had to post this one...especially since they are loyal House of Rose blog readers. Aims (on the left) has the Being Butterfield blog and Jen (on the right) has Addie and Mommy's blog. These girls were my BF's all through college and even though we don't live close by now, I am so glad we can stay in touch by blogging! Gosh, being a SHAKER was so much fun. How the hell we ever did it for as long as we did...I'll never know! It is so time consuming, but man, I can honestly say I have the BEST college memories from my shaker experience. Love you ladies! Lifetime BF'S!

Yes, I was blonde. I know...it's wierd.

Aims, I was hoping this post would make you smile after your 20 mile run this morning! I'm exhausted just thinking about it, but I know you'll do great!



We have now busted out the baby toothbrush and started to try and brush Parker's teeth. He has 10 teeth, 4 on top and 6 on bottom and I can see a few more popping through. He LOVES the baby toothpaste (by the way, I had no idea they made "special" baby toothpaste but they do). He try's to lick it as you put it in his mouth. I'm not real sure how much brushing we got done, but I know he licked every last bit of that toothpaste off the toothbrush. Guess it makes sense now why they make "special" baby toothpaste...it's flouride free so kids can swallow. Just think, if I wouldn't have seen the "special" toothpast in the baby section at Walmart, he would have probably been in the ER for overdose on adult toothpaste. Again, babies should come with a manual? I had remembered hearing about different toothpast for babies on Opera, but come on people...I can't rely on Oprah to raise my child! He would rather brush his teeth himself than have us help him. So independent. ERRR! Sometimes mommy's just want to help darn it. Although I wish he knew how to change his own poopy diaper...that would rock! I still get nautious sometimes over the smell! And you should see J when he is faced with the poopy diap...he's like a 3 year old that just saw the boogie man...he screams!I'm sure in about 2 years I'll be begging him to do things on his own, but for now, I feel like he should need his mommy to help him (even with poopy diapy's)! Now everytime we walk by the bathroom he points to the toothbrush and says "uhh, uhh". My lil man is growing up.