Are you ready for some VFL?

J's favorite part about our church has to be VFL aka The Vine Football League. He just started his third season of VFL last Sunday. He takes this VFL thing VERY seriously, as do most of the people that play. They have jersey's, flags, yard markers, score keepers, banners, 6 teams, 3 conferences, playoffs. and superbowl...yea...like I said...they take it seriously at The Vine. I tried to play the first year...and thank god I got pregnant and had a good excuse to quit because I was just playing for fun...and apparently they play to win. I think they really think they are in the NFL not the VFL. I try to remind J that it is JUST a church football league not the Dallas Cowboys vs Greenbay Packers!

P and I look forward to VFL too (most of the time, atleast when it's not raining - because they do play rain or shine folks - remember...it's serious stuff). P and I usually take our blanket and camp out on the sidelines to cheer daddy on! It makes for a great Sunday afternoon family outing! And a great place for P to exert some of his craziness!

Here I come daddy! Can I play too?

Doesn't it look like they are having there own little huddle? I'm sure he's getting some great pointers from the big D!

J usually ends up laying on the field by the end of the two hour game. Did I mention he is the senior citizen of the group? And he complains for the rest of the ENTIRE week about how sore he is. I can just imagine what P is thinking here "Get up Dad! Come on...these guys are showing you up!"

Can't wait for next Sunday for yet another great day of VFL!

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NMB said...

What great pics and congrats on over 1k visitors!!