Baby Talk

Parker is now attending his baby talk classes at WCECC in Carterville. It's basically a class where you sing songs, play with other kids, and eat snacks. Up until this point he hasn't had a lot of interaction with other kids so I think it's important to start getting him involved. My mom usually takes him since I am working, but last week I got to go and see what it's all about. I'm not gonna lie, I felt a little weird sitting in a circle of 0 to 2 year olds singing 'the wheels on the bus'...they were even making all the hand gestures that go with the song. This is new to me! I felt so inexperienced because I didn't even know what hand gestures to do when! I had to follow the other moms. It didn't take long and I caught on, but I still felt silly. I guess this is why I am a working mom and not a stay at home mommy. There is something about talking baby all day long that doesn't appeal to me. I need some adult interaction in my life. Plus, it makes me appreciate the time I do have with P. And I don't work Fridays so I get to spend more time with him than most working mommy's. (Oh and I am lucky enough to have my parent's watching him while I'm at work...a big relief...otherwise I might be a stay at home mommy.)

P's thing is throwing....he throws everything! So ofcourse, he started throwing toys at other kids at baby talk. I love this picture because he has two toys in his hands that he's about to chuck at some 18 month old and the little girl next to him is giving him 'the look of death' (mommy was giving him that same look but ofcourse he wasn't paying attention to me). We are working on the throwing thing...trust me.
And here he goes...wish I had the next picture, of the toys on the ground. I am so glad he didn't throw them at the girl in the pink shirt. She already looks pissed.
Here's a good one of him escaping 'book reading' time. He was so focused on that darn slide that he was not about to sit still and listen to Ms. Peggy read a book. Look at all the other kids...sitting there enthralled by the book...and P is looking back like 'that book sucks...come play on the slide'. Trouble maker already. Every week they do a "project". Last weeks project was making a book "all about me". They got to put their hand print and foot print in the book! Being the fact that I am not a 'messy' mommy...I was about to have a stroke when they stuck is hand in the big red ink pad! It's a good thing lots of baby wipes were close by because I was for sure not interested in getting red ink out of his white shirt. It will be interesting to see what next week's class brings. I just hope my son starts learning a few things. He's a tad spoiled at this point! We NEED to get that under control...FAST!

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Dawn said...

Ha Ha! I read your blog everyday to see what little Parker is up to! He is sounding more and more like Kaitlyn, it's scary. The two of them together would probably equal=dangerous! Ha Ha

I had to post a comment about Baby TALK since I am so familiar with it. I teach a night Baby TALK class at Heartland Regional Medical Center (6:00 p.m.). We accomodate the working parents. So if you ever want to come, we are in the lower level of the hospital (Classroom 2). I LOVE teaching the class and Kaitlyn gets to come with me. We have a much smaller group than the one at Carterville, but we do the same things (art projects, songs, books, snack, etc). If you ever have any questions just let me know. My number is 559-0426 or you can e-mail me at dawnpinkston@wcecc.net. I am so glad that you are enjoying our programs!

p.s. I really do want to get Parker and Kaitlyn together soon!