Braden's big day!

One of my college roommates and fellow shaker friends is from Marion and has a little boy that is 8 weeks younger than P. It was his birthday over the weekend so we headed to their new house in Marion for a Sesame Street Birthday bash for Braden! I guess I should say that J has been friends with Graham (Kerri's husband) longer than I have known Kerri. And, in fact, we were kind of the ones who set them up! The pic above is the two daddy's and their little men!

Braden wanted NOTHING to do with his cake! He was having no part of it. Smart guy...his mommy is a clean freak like me so he probably learned that getting messy was not in his best interest. haha! It was so cute because the second that Kerri put the cake on his hand or face...he would start to cry and shake his head no.

He did; however, LOVE opening his gifts. It's too bad P was interfering and trying to help. I kept having to pull him away from the gifts. At one point Braden just sat down on his lap. It was a perfect Kodak moment and I can't wait to show these 2 boys when they are 16 that they were sitting on eachother's lap!
There was even a ball pit for the boys to play in!

All in all it was a fantastic party for Braden! I can just imagine what next year's birthday party's will be like. The TERRIBLE TWO'S!


Cogski said...

ur kid is sooooooo funny! the sitting on the lap pic is the BEST! i seriously just LOL'd and scared chris when i did. tooooo funny, love it.

Kerri said...

Ok, so I'm FINALLY finding a spare moment to check out your blog! Where do you ever find the time to keep this up?!?!? It is a great way to catch up on what the Rose family has been up to, though. I love all the pictures of P and I agree, these pics of them two on each other's laps will be priceless when they turn 16! Thanks for posting these! They are adorable.