We have now busted out the baby toothbrush and started to try and brush Parker's teeth. He has 10 teeth, 4 on top and 6 on bottom and I can see a few more popping through. He LOVES the baby toothpaste (by the way, I had no idea they made "special" baby toothpaste but they do). He try's to lick it as you put it in his mouth. I'm not real sure how much brushing we got done, but I know he licked every last bit of that toothpaste off the toothbrush. Guess it makes sense now why they make "special" baby toothpaste...it's flouride free so kids can swallow. Just think, if I wouldn't have seen the "special" toothpast in the baby section at Walmart, he would have probably been in the ER for overdose on adult toothpaste. Again, babies should come with a manual? I had remembered hearing about different toothpast for babies on Opera, but come on people...I can't rely on Oprah to raise my child! He would rather brush his teeth himself than have us help him. So independent. ERRR! Sometimes mommy's just want to help darn it. Although I wish he knew how to change his own poopy diaper...that would rock! I still get nautious sometimes over the smell! And you should see J when he is faced with the poopy diap...he's like a 3 year old that just saw the boogie man...he screams!I'm sure in about 2 years I'll be begging him to do things on his own, but for now, I feel like he should need his mommy to help him (even with poopy diapy's)! Now everytime we walk by the bathroom he points to the toothbrush and says "uhh, uhh". My lil man is growing up.

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Amy said...

Don't worry Mando - my boys eat the toothpaste too. Can we blame them, they are watermelon and bubble gum flavored!