Can I get a Shaker shout out!

Wow...so a few nights ago I was going through all my old pictures. I was trying to find some of me and my grandpa for a book my aunt is doing for his 80th birthday party. I got a little side tracked with all the other old pictures and had to post this one...especially since they are loyal House of Rose blog readers. Aims (on the left) has the Being Butterfield blog and Jen (on the right) has Addie and Mommy's blog. These girls were my BF's all through college and even though we don't live close by now, I am so glad we can stay in touch by blogging! Gosh, being a SHAKER was so much fun. How the hell we ever did it for as long as we did...I'll never know! It is so time consuming, but man, I can honestly say I have the BEST college memories from my shaker experience. Love you ladies! Lifetime BF'S!

Yes, I was blonde. I know...it's wierd.

Aims, I was hoping this post would make you smile after your 20 mile run this morning! I'm exhausted just thinking about it, but I know you'll do great!


NMB said...

Love the Flashback (this picture is A-dorable)... too bad this blogger couldn't (and can't for that matter) DANCE! I'm glad I can call of you friends now tho :-))

Jen said...

SO CUTE!! I have that picture somewhere too...most likely in one of my unfinished scrapbooks :-) Gosh, I was so skinny! You and aims still are that skinny....b*tches :-) I can't wait to see you guys. Only 3 more weeks and we will be shaking it on the field for old times sake!! Lifelong BF's for sure sweeite :-)

Amy said...

You Jen are still skinny too! What's with my squinty eyes... Jen probably said something funny right before and made me laugh or something. I love all you gals too... including you Nina!

Amy said...

Wait a second - the tights we are wearing are HORRIBLE! Why did we let them do that to us?