Cards vs Cubs

J and I attended our 2nd Cardinal game of the season. Pathetic this year. Not the Cardinals (I know what you were thinking you Cubs fans). I was referring to the amount of games we have attended.

One of Jeff's wholesalers, Paul, from Genworth Financial invited us up to STL for the Cards vs Cubs. Paul use to be a guard for Michigan football back in the day. You could probably tell he's an ex-football player by looking at his picture. I wish I had a picture of us all standing up...he made J look like a peanut! Very nice guy!

There was a 60% chance of rain so I wasn't too excited to go. I hate rain! Yes, I melt. It must have been my lucky day because our tickets were 2 rows under the roof. It did rain...but I didn't get a drop on me (or my coach bag). Even though the Cards lost (again) we managed to have a great time! Thanks Paul!

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