Daddy's funny

Those of you who know J...know that he can be EXTREMELY GOOFY. I am sure the majority of you have heard my stories about his random dance episodes or his break out "apron" moments (for those of you who haven't heard those stories...don't ask). :) I have a few rare moments on video and if I ever get mad...I may just post them for all my blog readers to see. haha!Saturday morning it was another break out dance session in the kitchen for J and the hand towel. I am pretty sure that P and I were getting ready to eat breakfast...and in walks daddy (no music) with the hand towel and his crazy dancing! Sometimes it has me laughing harder than P...and this particular session was probably the most live entertainment I have seen in awhile. Luckily I had my camera close by and J thought I was snapping shots of P laughing (which I was, but I snuck a few of him in there too-like the one above-I love how the dog is staring too).

P thought daddy was HILARIOUS! I got to give it to him...he was pretty freakin funny!

And then it was "where's daddy?" with the towel.
P is too smart now. He knows how it works!

It's too bad no one else was there to witness my crazy husband acting like a fool! Pictures don't do it justice!


NMB said...

WAY TO GO MANDO... 3 Columns!!! You're a Blog-o-Star!! xoxo

NMB said...

I tagged you on my blog... check it out!