The Damen girls plus one...

Good ole gigi and papa came through for us once again by babysitting P all day Sat. I know it seems like I pon my child off on them alot, but the truth is...I just don't trust anyone else to babysit (except for a few others and they are usually always busy).

My BF Nina's BF's from Chicago were in town for the weekend and we had a long day of swimming, eating, drinking wine, and baseball in store. Andrea, Ian, Jenna, and Chris were here to stay at 7 Gables for their semi-annual visit to the Sprehe estate! They had a few things to mark of their list of 'to do's' on their visit and the first one started with a trip to Quatros! Might I just add that these girls are the nicest girls on earth. I mean, who already has an established 'inner circle' and let's another person join that 'inner circle'? They welcomed me (both times they have been here) to join in on whatever they had planned. This time they brought their men along and so J joined as well. After stuffing our faces full of pizza, we headed to Bluesky for a day at the winery. We had a great time and, even though I don't drink wine (or Sangria Lady's), it was nice to sit outside and enjoy the weather and the company (and listen to Andrea and Jenna rat Nina out in front of her mom). Good one lady's! Better you than me! I'm thinking maybe J had too much Sangria...we were doing pictures by the pond and he thought it would be cool to pretend like we were on the Titanic??? I'm guessing that was the wine. :)Before we knew it, it was 6 o'clock and we were off to change our clothes and head to the Miner's game. Nina had us all shirts made that read "Timike Dornzano". We definitely made a statement! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Miner's that would be Tim Dorn and Mike Scanzano's names put together. Kind of like Brad and Angelina...Brangelina (except we don't live in Hollywood). The Sprehe's are Tim's host family and Mike's familly is very good friends with them as well.
Here are Ann and Ian being what I like to call "Newlyweds". You guys are too cute! Ian...next time I promise I won't play 20 questions. I am brutal! But, the good news is, you definitely win "BBF08" after giving such great answers!
Here are Jenna & Chris...two very funny people! I love their humor. Chris, we are all glad you out grew those speedo's or atleast that you met someone like Jenna who would never let you step foot in public sporting them. Although you could very possibly pull it off now...from the description of you as a child...not so much. :)
It was such a fun night! We didn't end up going out afterwards, but the rest of the crew did and I heard we missed a pretty exciting time. Overall, percentage wise (that's for you Ann) I would give the weekend a 100%!! We are already anticipating their next visit!!

Thanks gigi and papa for letting us have a baby free day!


NMB said...

How am I ever going to beat that post!?!? Absolutely L O V E it!! You are so sweet!!! So glad you and J were able to join us in our shenanigans ;-) And, yes the weekend mos def gets a 100% on the rating scale!! The Damen Girls will live on forever! xo

Andrea said...

Thanks for the shot-outs Mandy! I'd give the weekend a 100% as well! Always great to see you and your cute lil family! :)

Team Cogski said...

OMG Mandy LOOOOOVE the post!!! makes me so sad we weren't friends at siu :-( but i'm glad you're part of the group now.
i as well love your lil fam and love P! he's sooo cute!!
we'll see you soon! and i'm DEF putting your blog on my "fav's" list!

SMULSKI said...

Good times, good times. Great meeting you, J, and of course Parker. What a cute little guy. Next time Im in town I will make sure to bring down the speedos to sport :) See ya soon!