Last Saturday was Harrison's 1st birthday party! It's hard to believe all of our babies are turning ONE! It seems impossible!
Here is Harrison destroying his cake!P and H were having such a good time fighting over H's new mechanical firetruck. P needs to learn how to share. Since he's not in daycare he has no idea what 'share' means. Poor H...he's like "it's my birthday! Get off my GIFTS!" Here is P claiming his victory. H was on to something else at this point so it really wasn't a victory. I guess a mechanical firetruck is in our near future. Someone said "oh, looks like you'll be getting him that for Christmas". In my mind I was thinking, "if it keeps him occupied this long...we'll be buying it tomorrow". haha! Then, I quickly remembered the minature fire truck we have at home that makes noise...LOTS of noise...and I was over buying anything else with that same capability...even if it did make him happy for 20 LONG minutes. Sorry P...that's a no-go!
By the end of the party, P was finally learning how to share (sorta). He is trying to give H is balloon! Awwww! He is quite the indian giver though, so I am pretty sure that as soon as H tried to take it...P pulled it back. Well, it was cute for a second. Good thing I had the camera for this rare moment of P's sharing ability!

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