Nina and I getting ready to leave for the event - She had the girls out a little. Gosh, her boobs are perfect (sorry nin, but they really are). Too bad she can't share.

The SIH crew - Me, Kristin, Karen, and Joanne

Tonight was the Little Black Dress party at Starview Winery! Nina and I and all the SIH ladies have been planning to go to this event for weeks now. J and P stayed home for some male bonding time. Trust me, they would have rather stayed home then attended a party with a thousand woman! I really didn't know how big of an event this LBD party was until tonight. Infact, I was getting my hair trimmed today and my hairdresser said she had 3 up-do's to do today for girls attending LBD. I had no idea it was such a HUGE event. All proceeds went to benefit the Women's Center. Makes sense why so many women supported it! Us ladies stick together.

It wasn't an hour into the party and Kristin, Joanne, and Karen were already dancing it up (the only ones I might add). Didn't take the wine long to get to them. :) Hey, I even drank half a glass of wine myself. For all of you that know me at all, I DON'T DRINK WINE (or beer...or really anything). So...I was pretty proud of myself that I managed to down a half a glass. Sounds weak, I know. It was a great party and a great turn out!
Kristin, Karen, and Joanne Dancing it up!
ALOT OF LADIES! Too bad you single men weren't invited.

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NMB said...

Mando... thanks for the boob-shout-out! You are tooo funny!! Yea, i should have prob saved that dress for night where there were single men involved :-) Oops!