Frosty is the coolest!

One of our favorite things to do is go to the Sprehe's for some good G & V cook n'! So you can imagine when they invited us over for "taco bar" the other night we were ALL IN! Ofcourse, there are lots of things for P to get into at their house so it takes ALL of us to keep him occupied and out of trouble. I even put him in the large vase in the dining room to see if it would keep him contained! At first he thought it was cool...until he realized he couldn't move and then he immediately wanted out.
He loves to hang with Frosty! He's hard to keep in one place for more than a few minutes, but Frosty was doing a good job of entertaining him while mommy ate.
They are both waving to me! How cute :).
Then it was time for a break...a short break...to watch some football.
Before too long he was back up and trying to steal Frosty's glasses. "Look mom, I'm as cool as Frosty now!"
Thanks for having us over (again)!

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NMB said...

Oh my gosh... this is the cutest post ever! I love the picture of P with Frosty glasses on. I just mentioned to G & V that Frosty was the star of your blog today and Kiks just had a freak-out that she forgot to send you the recipe... A great BIG apology from Kiki! xo