It's a big one.

Here is the newest addition to our son's forehead. Culprit = the bookshelf in his bedroom. It was a high speed collision! I felt TERRIBLE for him! I was freaking out...my mom had to stop me and say "Mandy, you need to calm down because you freaking out is making him freak out." I just wish I could have made it better with a magic kiss. :( But, this bruise, not fixable with a kiss. It was immediately black and blue and HUGE. The pictures don't show it's true size...trust me.
We even had to call Gigi over for some second opinion advice on if this bump was ER worthy. He was trying to hold the ice pack to his head (as he was watching spongebob)...too bad he has it on the wrong side of his forehead. It was so cute that he was trying though.

It didn't take long and it was business as usual...throwing toys and standing on the fireplace. Thank god he was okay!


NMB said...

Ohhh my little buddy! I would have been freakin' out too. Remember when Maddox hit his head on the floor... on MY watch? I was a basket-case and it wasn't even my own... that's prob why I don't have children yet! :-)

Amy said...

You should go to Target and get a little ouchie. They have them in all sorts of characters. Its a cold pack that you keep in your refrigerator and it doesn't leak unless they decide to take a chomp out of it. If you can't find one or the only have cheesy ones let me know and I will mail one down. I got mine at Land of Nod and it's a Mr. Men guy, I think his name is Mr. Bump. :)