OMG I'm gonna hide the firetruck...

So J has 2 shows that he ABSOLUTELY HAS to watch...Lost & Entourage. (I, on the other hand, have WAY more than 2, but that's another blog story.) Anyway, Sunday evening we rushed back from church to make sure we caught the 2nd episode of Entourage. He missed the first one last week and I haven't heard the end of it! I REALLY wanted to make sure we got back in time...I wasn't about to listen to him complain all week AGAIN! Luckily, we made it.
However, P decided that he was going to play with the noisiest toy he owns(see above)....his fire truck from Gma Bee's. This fire truck is the most annoying toy on the planet and ofcourse...he LOVES it! He knows how to press the button to make the sirens go off...over and over and over. This is one of those toys that has one volume setting....LOUD! He was sitting on the fireplace (as usual) hitting the siren button until it would make LOTS of noise. Once the noise stopped...he would hit it again...AND again......AND again. I couldn't help but to watch J's face as smoke was coming out his ears because he couldn't hear a word that Vince or Arie was saying. After the first 10 minutes, literally, (and the shows only a half hour) J and I couldn't help but start laughing. Finally, we brought the toy over by the couch and realized it has an OFF switch. Thank god! Except for now when P hit the button....no noise...and in his world...NOT acceptable. Here is his reaction when he realizes the toy stopped making noise.
What's worse....a LOUD fire truck toy or your child screaming at the top of his lungs?????????

Let's pray next week he's in bed before Entourage starts!

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AmyDean said...

FYI - facial cotton swabs you use to take off makeup are great in "softening" noisy toys. If the toy comes apart you can place one of these over the speaker and it does wonders for sound control!