Once again...Jeff makes News 3

Yea, so I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing wrong. I mean, I don't think I have ever made the local news. Maybe once. Wait...no...I think I was only on in the background of an interview they were doing with J (ofcourse).

Once again, tomorrow morning, J is scheduled to be on News 3 (for the trillionth time....LITERALLY). For awhile his 'news stardom' had slowed down, but it is BACK f0lks and its in full force. Last time he was on News 3 (which was only a few weeks ago) he got to introduce his financial blog? I like to think my blog is just as good, but I don't see News 3 calling me up for an interview? Apparently piggy back rides and baby tylenol aren't near as interesting as retiring rich? I think he got over 5,000 hits on his blog that day. I'm averaging 50-75 a day (and half are probably from ME checking to see how many people are reading it). Hmmmm. I mean, granted the focal point of my blog is P, and although our family life gets pretty interesting, apparently people would rather read about 401k's and IRA's. Darn.

I guess this shatters my dream of becoming Tori Spelling. I can't even make the local news, let alone have my own tv show.

Here he is, again, always in the front. :) I hope you all know that I truly am proud of him! I'm the wife though...and I have to give him crap. It wouldn't be fun otherwise. For all of you out there that would rather read about 401k's and IRA's I would suggest checking out his blog Good Financial Cents. It's pretty informative and has great stories on the "oh so" exciting world of finance. It's not near as entertaining as mine (had to throw that in there). Love you honey!

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