Toilet Training 101

J and I decided (well, it was more ME) that we were going to start learning about how to potty train the P EARLY! WCECC was offering a Toilet Training 101 class at Heartland Regional Medical Center (shhh...don't tell SIH I stepped foot in there) and we decided to attend. As we were driving there I started to feel bad that I was making J come too. I was thinking to myself...'there are probably going to be NO MEN there and he is going to kill me'. I mean, what 'normal' father attends a potty training class with their wife? VERY FEW! haha! Luckily, as we we're walking in we saw some friends of ours, The Webb's! I felt so relieved when I saw Tom had came with Kelly! It made me feel justified in asking J to come. I knew there were other good daddy's out there! Thanks for proving me right Tom!

It was about an hour long workshop and we got some good information on how we can begin the process of potty training...or should I say toilet training? (Anyone else think it's weird that it is now called toilet training. I'm like, "what happened to good ole potty training?" Apparently, that's not the proper term.) Anyway, don't get me wrong, I'm not ready to start tomorrow, I can't even get P to learn 'no' yet, but...I wanted to be "ready" when the time does come. After all, those of you who know me...know I'm a planner. :)

They even had babysitting for the little ones while the parent's sat through the workshop. Here is Logan sharing some of his snacks with Parker after they returned from their "meeting" (according to Logan).

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NMB said...

You are always WAY ahead of the curve!! Miss you!