What one year old wouldn't want this for his birthday?

Not too long ago P attended Dylan's 1st bday party. Dylan and P are lake buddies and have been playing at Crab Orchard together all summer!

Dylan and P playing in the water

Dylan is actually younger than P believe it or not. He's a bigger guy. P has him beat in the belly department though. Do you see my son's belly? It looks like he just ate 5 hot dogs!

P even learned how to play BAGS with daddy! He's pretty good. Again, his belly is out of control! Do they make toddler diet food? JUST KIDDING PEOPLE...don't call DCFS on me!
But the best part about Dylan's party is as follows:
Let me set the stage for you...

Before we had left for the party I had set Dylan's birthday gift, that was in a birthday bag, on the ottoman. I ran to the kitchen and came back...and thinking nothing of it, I picked up the bag and we headed to the party. As Lynnette (Dylan's mommy) was opening the bday gifts she came to our present and out of the bag...was a little 'surprise' gift (on top of the real gift). P got Dylan a personalized beach towel from Pottery Barn Kids. I love their personalized beach towels and I get them for all P's friends when I have a chance. P has 2 for himself! However, that wasn't the 'surprise' gift. Take a look below:

Yes, that's correct everyone...P got Dylan a nice new TV remote! Infact, it was our Dish network remote. Apparently, P put our tv remote inside Dylan's bday bag when it was sitting on the ottoman and I hadn't even noticed. When Lynnette and Dylan were opening gifts and they came to our present...she pulled out a lovely dish network remote and looked at me funny and said "what is this for" I about died! HOW EMBARRASSING! This was a total mommy moment for me. I couldn't believe I hadn't noticed that he threw our remote in the bag. I wanted to crawl inside that bag myself and hide!

Lesson to self: 1. never leave the bday bag accessible for P 2. always check to make sure he hasn't thrown something random in the bag that would embarrass the heck out of me!


Amy said...

So legos are ok then? :)

Jen said...

Hey...those are some CUTE swim trunks P is wearing? I wonder where he got those? :-)