We took P to the Duquoin State Fair this past weekend...we thought (let me rephrase that) I thought it would be fun to let him ride some kiddy rides. Wow, was I wrong. HE HATED THE RIDES! I tried to pick out some mellow ones, but I also needed them to be ones I could ride with him since he's obviously too young to go by himself. The first one I chose was this little car ride. It looked like all it did was go in circles so I thought it would be perfect. WRONG! This little car ride took the corners like we were Dale Earnhart Jr. at the Daytona 500. NOT A JOKE!

Here we are just getting in our cute lil yellow car. At this point, P is still curious and...not screaming. Although he is looking back at daddy with a look of "what the hell has mommy got me in to?"
Here we are just about to take off. I still have in my mind that he is going to LOVE this ride. I love the look he is giving here as well. His face is screaming "DADDY HELP ME! You still have time to get me off this ride! PLEASE!" I couldn't see his poor little helpless face because I was too excited that we were about to take off.
And here you have it...a classic...I win the WORST MOMMY IN THE WORLD award. Look at him. He was clinging to me, crying, and scared to death. How could I do this to my poor lil P!
So, as if the first ride wasn't enough of a clue that he defnitely HATED it, I still had 6 more tickets and I was determined to find a ride he WOULD like. We moved on to this big red bus that went all the way up in the air and back around in one big circle. It looked less "jerky" and pretty smooth, and again, it was one I could ride with him. I should have known from the second we sat down that it wasn't going to be any better than ride #1. He was already crying and probably wondering why I was torturing him for a second time. I guess I could have asked the carnival guy to unstrap us and let us off...but again, I must have been in my imaginary "he's gonna like this one" mode because I decided to just stay on. Plus carnival ride #1 guy...had no compassion for my screaming child. In fact, I think he made the ride longer just to tick me off . Anyway, it didn't take one full circle before he was screaming bloody murder. The little 5 year old girl sitting next to us was eyeing me up like I was the devil mom. And...as if I didn't feel bad enough that my son was, AGAIN, screaming and hating it, the little girl looked at me and said "uh...I think I'm gonna be sick". All I could think was 'OH GOD...please...if she's gonna puke let her puke the other direction". SO not only was it 5 minutes of torture for P, I definitely got my 5 long minutes of torture as well thinking I was about to be puked on. Not to mention, I am sure every mother watching, waiting for their happy little child to get off the ride, was thinking I was the worst mother in the world taking my screaming child on the ride.
I feel like my facial expression in this picture captures exactly what I was thinking...which was..."holy hell, I'm an idiot".


NMB said...

You know I love my Lil'P but that story was pretty funny. I love your "sTory-telling" it really makes me laugh (out loud)! xo

Jen said...

I was laughing out loud at this one too. I can just picture it!! Poor thing...(you..not P). You don't win the worst mommy award. You get points in my book for trying a second time! I bet next year he will be BEGGING you to ride all the rides. Then you can remind him of this experience and save your $5 :-)