P is a dancing Bear!


My Parker Bear

Happy Halloween! Nin taught me how to use Picasa3 today too so now I how to upload collages of pictures...which is fabulous because now I don't have to pick just one or two pics. :) If you click on the collage you can see the pics closer.

P was a bear for Halloween this year. Daddy's idea. When I asked J what P should be his response immediately (without hesitation) was a bear or a bull. Bear market/Bull market. Being the fact that it was nearly impossible to come up with a bull costume...a bear it was! Bear markets are what the finance world refers to as "bad or down markets" which is why we would have liked the bull costume better because bull = good market. O-well...it's sad that we are even picking out our 15 months old halloween costume based on market terminology. But, again, that's what you get when both your parents work in the world of finance! And for me...I figured this will be the last year he will be something cutesy. From here on out it will probably be super heros!

We started the night by heading downtown with Gigi and Papa to the parade and pumpkin path. It's basically a parade thru downtown (and our town is not that big) and then all the kids trick or treat at the local businesses. It was actually really fun! They had a band and P loved the music (ofcourse). I am going to upload a video of him dancing when I figure the video thing out. After downtown we headed to Frosty & Kiki's for some treats!
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My new header!!!!!

P and I stopped by Auntie N's this morning while she was working away at her computer. I interupted her work to have her give me a lil photoshop 101! Although I can't say I will remember everything she taught me, I definitely feel like I have a better idea of how to do things in photoshop now. And even better, as she was showing me how to do things she created my new blog header. It was actually just something she was throwing together as she was teaching me. It turned out sooo freaking cute that I am using it! Don't you just love? Thanks N! Great work as always! Loving my new header!

As Auntie and I were busy chatting away about important things like photo cropping and layering...P kept standing there giving us his "all done?" face and hand gesture. He was sooo over the photoshop lessson!


Real quick...

...just when I was bragging on the good ole hubby...I realize...he sometimes really just doesn't listen...at all! Last night he had a late appointment (& no I don't mean midnight late, I mean 7pm late). He is a CFP not a chip-n-dale so don't get the wrong impression. Anyway, it was a great excuse for me to not cook (& yes I am ALWAYS looking or an excuse not to cook)! So on his way home he called to ask if I would like him to pick up dinner (at this point he is still being SUPER romantic fantastic loving caring hubby). I responded with "ofcourse, that would be great."
Here is our conversation from that point on:

Hubby: What would you like me to pick up?

Me: Whatever. I don't care. Surprise me. All I want is a fountain soda. I am craving a COKE! Besides that, I don't care what you get. I'll eat whatever.

Hubby: Ok. Sounds good. I'll see you in a few.

So....you would assume that those were very simple instructions right? Whatever for dinner (his choice) and a regular coke. Never assume. As he walked in the door I noticed he was not holding a drink. Hoping that he couldn't carry it all in at once, I asked him if my soda was still in the car. That's when I quickly learned that the one thing he did not get...was indeed my fountain coke! AHHHHH! (not to mention he brought home one of my most unfavorite take out restaurants food).

I mean, was it that hard? All I wanted was a soda. I will say that he did feel bad and was almost jumping back in the car to head to the gas station to get me my soda. I wouldn't let him because, at that point, the gesture didn't matter. He hadn't listened to me from the beginning. ERRRR (Super not so romantic fantastic loving caring hubby)!!!!!!!! Babe, if your reading...you owe me! :)

If you are my friend...DO NOT EVER invite me to a haunted house!

So...as I have mentioned a couple times...I hate haunted houses! I should capitalize HATE because literally, when I say HATE, I mean DESPERATELY HATE! For some reason, it never fails that every single Halloween I get dragged to some stupid haunted house. And do you know that every haunted house has some type of pitch black maze? Is it a requirement? Oh...and did I mention that I am scared of the dark AND I am clausterphobic! So you can imagine the anxiety I feel walking through a pitch black maze that, if I were 20 lbs heavier, I may not fit thru. Every year I promise myself that I am not going to put myself through another haunted house...and every year my lovely husband begs me to go and I do it. SUCKER! I also forgot to mention that most scared wives rely on their husbands to keep them safe and make them feel a little less scared right? Well ladies, my husband finds it humorous to make my life ten times worse when we go to a haunted houses. Not only does he NOT make me feel safe, he trys add to my anxiety...Let me give you an example: He walks at least five feet behind me at all times, he refuses to hold my hand, he trys to whisper to every vampire/skeleton/chainsaw looking creature that "my wife is terrified, so make sure you scare her", he comes up behind me and scares me himself, AND THE LIST GOES ON.........

But, once again, this year I gave in to my pleading husband and attended yet another haunted house with him. This time I only agreed to go because it was my 8 year old cousins idea. I mean, if an 8 year old can handle the haunted house, surely a 27 year old can right? Notice the picture of me, my cousin Tim's fiance (Chelsea), my 8 year old cousin Makailee, and her 8 year old friend. Not to mention the 25 8 year olds that were in line behind us! Now...how bad could this haunted house be if all these grade schoolers were participating? This picture of me "smiling" was taken before we walked thru. Too bad I didn't have an "after" picture. If I did, you would have seen that the look on my face turned from smiling to TORTURE! Remind me next year, that no matter who is begging me to go to a haunted house with them (even if they're a 1/3 my age), DO NOT GIVE IN!!! I had nightmares about this night for the next week straight. Literally when I got home I was as pale as a ghost and SICK!


Hayrides and hot chocolate

Sunday Kiki and Frosty invited us over for their annual Halloween Hayride. Frosty had the tractor ready to go and was dressed in his burberry scarf (had to mention that). The most fashionable Southern Illinois tractor driver I know! side note: Frosty does not normally drive tractors (like most SO IL rednecks)...he is the CEO of his own company! I love how he can go from business man to country man in 2.5 seconds! Once we were all loaded up, Kiks was serving hot chocolate and popcorn! So appropriate because it was pretty darn cold. P was so bundled up that he could barely move his arms. Poor guy. But, you know me, gotta make sure he won't get sick!

Daddy and P
He didn't seem too worried about it being freezing outside. He was mostly worried about eating as much popcorn as he could. After he finished mommy's bag, he was on to daddy's. I guess he gets his eating capabilities from his dad. When the popcorn was gone he moved on to trying to eat the hay! You would think he never gets fed. haha!

The three of us!

Some say....

after almost 4 years of marriage and a baby...marriages lose their spark? Unless I'm just working with a delayed reaction here, I must say, that is not the case in my marriage! I will give much credit to the great hubby...he is SUPER wonderful at being romantic. Here's an example of some of the sweet things he does, he left me a list of reasons why he was still in love with me. (go ahead....everyone at once...."awwwwwwwwwww")
Here's what he wrote:

Why I am still in love with you
1.) you support me in my business and my career
2.) your a MILF
3.) you're a great mother and shower our son with love
4.) you have a nice tush
5.) you are very appreciative and considerate of others. you remember to give thank you's more than anybody I know
6.) you can be goofy at times and its fun to witness
7.) you are proud of me and first chance you get you love to boast about me
8.) you love to take pictures and document our life together
9.) you are super organized and I can always rely on you to be prepared for anything...seriously...anything!
10.) you look good in jeans
11.) you let me watch the Cardinals almost anytime I want. (Football is coming:))
12.) I know that you would never turn your back on me and I can always count on you

I agree, some of them are funny...like #2 & #4, but you got to love the effort right? And I have no idea why he didn't make it a top 10 list and instead listed 12 reasons, but I am guessing that's because he had more reasons why he loved me than just 10 :) (I'm hoping there's more than 12, but 12 will do for now). haha!


CG took a swim....

......in the dog bowl....AGAIN! For some reason, P thinks it is SOO FUNNY to put CG in the dog's water bowl, or the toilet, or the bath tub. It must be something with the splash it makes. No idea, but very annoying! The other night he decided to let CG go swimming (when mommy wasn't looking) right before sleepy time. Ofcourse, I couldn't let him take a wet stuffed animal to bed with him, so we decided to get him dry with mommy's blow dryer!


Pumpkin carving party

I'm sure you knew this post was coming, being the fact that we just visited the pumpkin patch last week! Next on the list, ofcourse, PUMPKIN CARVING! Gigi and Papa came over to help us make our pumpkins pretty. And honestly, they are the pro's at this pumpkin carving thing. J had never carved a pumpkin until he met me. Sad, but true! And me, I am not the best when it comes to getting "down and dirty" with the pumpkin guts! I think I may have passed my cleanliness on to the P, because he wasn't much for cleaning out the inside of the pumpkin either. Thank goodness this is Gigi's specialty. My specialty...making sure we all matched for our pumpkin carving party. Uncle Steve (J's BF from LA) sent P and I some IN-N-OUT gear, including the apron I am wearing in the picture. Side note: IN-N-OUT is J's FAVORITE burger place on the west coast. He makes me eat there everyday when we go visit (and that's not a joke). Anyway, I thought, what a perfect time to bust out the IN-N-OUT apron and t-shirts. It's hard to see in the pic, but J and P are both wearing their t-shirts! Papa was the best at carving the faces on the pumpkins so we let him be in charge of the knife. I always like to come up with something different, other than just scary faces, for my pumpkin, so this year I decided to use our initials as the eyes and nose. J was making fun of me because he thought my idea was "dumb"...until he saw the finished product...and he LOVED it! Our family pumpkin is the middle one...obviously. :)
Didn't they turn out good? We are officially ready for Halloween!!!


Papa Keith...I love you

Saturday we headed to J's home town of West Frankfort to attend his great Aunt's visitation. P was a WILD MAN when we got to the funeral home. Lucky me. Chasing chasing chasing was the theme of the day. He is quite the social butterfly, going up to everyone...waving and smiling. It definitely was cute, but not the occasion to be so bubbly. No one seemed to mind that he was zooming around the place like he had just had 5 bags of sugar...thank god. And luckily, we didn't stay for the funeral. Can you just imagine? He would have been trying to climb in the casket by that point! There was a glass statue of a dog in the lobby that he was obsessed with. He loves dogs, ofcourse because of Klay Klay and this statue was no exception. He kept leaning in to give the doggie a kiss. He probably kept doing it because he was wondering when the doggie was gonna lick back. Then we headed to the cemetary to visit Papa Keith. We don't get to go there as much as we would like since we are hardly in West Frankfort anymore. It seems like yesterday when we were having lunch with him every Sunday after church. It's hard to believe he has been gone 2 years. It would have been PK's 69th birthday last Wednesday so we wanted a chance to stop by and say a few words. Plus, we haven't taken P there since he has started walking so we wanted to let him stand by Papa Keith's grave and explore. It was very cute to watch him point to the picture of PK that's on the front of the gravestone. I didn't get a picture, but we weren't there 5 minutes and P fell in the mud. I am sure that gave PK a good chuckle and was fine note to end our visit on. P loves you Papa Keith!



Are you seeing double? We now have 2 C.G.'s. C.G. stands for Curious George by the way. It's amazing how many people don't get that? I thought I would clarify. Plus, if you haven't noticed I shorten everything as if I'm txting and if you ask my husband...he'll tell you I even talk in text. Oops! Anyway, Papa ordered P his 2nd CG. We thought it would be more of a "back up" just in case something ever happens to CG #1, but as you can see below, P now thinks he has to carry around CG #1 AND CG #2. Dear Lord!
God love him!


Tear Jerker

If anyone is interested in reading a very touching blog post...please go to my husband's daddy blog. Be prepared....you'll need a box of Kleenex!


Pumpkin Heaven....

My mom, dad, auntie N, kiks, frosty, izzy, J, P and I all headed to Bandy's for our annual family trip to the pumpkin patch! We are going to start making this a tradition. P LOVED the pumpkins! I was worried that it may be somewhat boring for him since he's still a little young, but boy was I wrong, he had more fun than any of us! You would have thought me, N, and Gigi were the paparazzi or something with as many pictures as we were all snapping. This is pretty typical of the three of us when we are hanging with the P. What's even funnier...is we all 3 have the exact same camera. I'm guessing we took over 200+ pictures. It was a little out of control, but such great scenery for a photo shoot!
As soon as we got there P found a pumpkin that was just his size!

He dropped it between the big ones...but was determined to find it!
He must have just been enjoying the experience. Taking a break and leaning on some pumpkins.
Then it was time for a wagon ride while everyone else picked out their pumpkins.
That didn't last too long before he was back out helping Auntie pick just the right pumpkin.He loved the fact that he could throw the hay and not get in trouble. I have been trying to teach him NOT to throw things...so this was going against mommies rules, but I let it slide since he was having so much fun.
It's pretty rare that there is ever a picture of the 5 of us. Too bad P wasn't looking. He was too distracted by the hay. We are planning to carve our pumpkins sometime this weekend (J's favorite part...wink wink).
It was 'bye-bye' to the pumpkin patch for this year. Frosty wheeled P to the car with all the pumpkins. I wish you could see this pic closer because he had his arm around the pumpkin. awww! What you can't see is that as soon as we let him out of the wagon...he tried to dash back to the pumpkin farm! I guess it's save to say we all had a great time!

Ugg season is back!

Every year I keep thinking that Uggs are going to go out of style. Thank god...every year...I am wrong! These boots are timeless! We are headed to the pumkin patch later today and it will be my first chance to bust out the Uggs! Fall is officially here! I have decided that the Classic Cardy is my new favorite Ugg style for this season.


Tag...I'm it!

My newest blogger friend Nette's Niche has tagged me, which means I am about to tell you six things about myself that you probably could care less about. :) I love these blogging games because they really make me have to 'think'.

Here's how it works:
1. Link to the person that tagged you
2. Post the rules on your blog
3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs
5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.
6. Let your tagger know when your entry is UP

My random facts:

1. I can't cook. Ask hubby! I don't think it's that I'm not capable, I just don't have time to do it the right way and I never know what to cook. Anyone else have this issue? I'm sick of eating my terrible meals every night. I need a cooking 101 class! Or maybe I just need the days to be 26 hrs instead of 24.

2. Everyday I have a "list" of things to get done...and I usually don't get any sleep...until I have crossed them all off my list. Do you think this means I'm anal?

3. I HATE HAUNTED HOUSES...and I'm claustrophobic (post to follow). When you put the two together...not a good combo! Almost all haunted houses have a pitch black maze that is about as wide as my pinky! I'm crying just thinking about it. S C A R Y!

4. My husband is a CFP (certified financial planner), but I take care of all of our personal finances. Doesn't this seem backward? Or maybe I should contribute this to #2-I'm anal!

5. At one point in my life, I was an Army wife. Weird, I know. My hubby survived in Iraq for 15 LONG months. Luckily he is now out of the military!

6. Both J and I are only children (and I would say that, yes, we both occasionally suffer from OCD). P will never have a true cousin or aunt or uncle and J and I will never be an aunt or an uncle. (This is why our BF's are P's Aunties and Uncles). But, honestly, how many people can say they will never be an aunt or an uncle? It's strange.

Ok...tag your it....

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Dump Truck Dining

Ever since we have lived in our house our trash day has been Wednesday. Always.

J's routine is to take the trash to the curb Wed. morning as soon as he wakes up. Usually by the time we come home from work on Wed. evening the garbage men have come...and the trash cans are empty. Seems routine right?

Until recently.

For the last few months J has done the usual, set the trash out on Wed. morning...however, when we get home from work...the trash seems to always still be there? I know when there is a week with a holiday it messes up the trash schedule, but we are talking about week after week after week...and still the trash isn't gone on Wed. evening. Now, I wish I could say that every week had a holiday, but unfortunately that's not the case. So for the last few months we haven't been able to figure out if they changed our trash day to Thursday or if it's Friday...or heck, if they decided to quit picking up our trash now.

Until recently.

My parent's have the same trash day (they only live a couple blocks away). Two weeks in a row now I have noticed when I go to pick up P from their house after work that the garbage truck is parked directly in front of their driveway. I thought it was weird the first time, especially since they were blocking the driveway (and didn't seem to be moving anytime soon). But, I especially thought it was weird when the next week I noticed the same thing...2 men...sitting in the truck...not picking up trash...not even out of the truck...not doing anything. Or so I thought...

When I finally asked my mom why the garbage truck was sitting in front of her driveway (for over a half hour-2 weeks in a row)...not moving...she let me in on a little secret! The elderly lady across the street, Mrs. Lightfoot, feeds the garbage men every week when they pick up her trash. She gives them a coke and apparently she either bakes them cookies or makes them a sandwich every week. So...they stop and eat for 30 minutes in front of her house. I am wondering how many other elderly ladies give the garbage men "treats" while they are enroute, but I am thinking enough to make them lose track of time and not pick up our trash anymore! At least I now know why our trash sits on the curb sometimes until Friday. The garbage men are taking snack breaks every 4 blocks! Ofcourse their not going to finish their trash route in one day!

Which is fine...if someone would just inform us of that so we don't have our smelly trash sitting in front of our house for half a week (every week)!

Two peas in a pod

Do you ever thank the lucky stars for the best friends in your life? I mean, really...what would we do without our BF's?

P has found his new BF...her name is Miss Klaya. He has to constantly be touching, petting, playing, taunting, kissing,....you get my point...he loves her! Here they are watching Spongebob. I love how P just has to have his hand touching her.


I can't even count to 80...

My GK (gpa Kenny) turned 80 Friday! I know what your thinking...can you actually imagine turning the big 8 0? I guess since I am only about to turn the big 2 8...it just seems unimaginable that I'll ever be 80 years old! I mean, don't get me wrong, I hope and pray that I live till I'm 80 +, but it just seems like an eternity! For my GK...it was reality! He has made it to his 80th birthday and we had so much fun celebrating with him! Here's a little recap of the party:

The G's had dinner for the whole fam at the nicest country club in Galesburg. The menu was prime rib or chicken cordon blue! Both very yummy! GK is going through chemo now so we were worried he wouldn't being feeling well, but not the case...he was feeling GREAT!

This is the best picture we got of the four of us...not sure where the hubby was...I'm assuming he was taking advantage of the open bar along with my dad and uncles! As you can see, P was not cooperating....and apparently neither was GK.
Here's a picture of ALL of us...and there were THIRTY of us! Every member of our family flew/drove in for this BIG occasion. There were only 3 cousins that couldn't be there...and all 3 of them had good reasons. My cous Chris from CA is in college in Hawaii (I know...what a hard life...grow up in Cali and college in Hawaii??? Makes me wonder how I got stuck in So IL?), his brother Robbie goes to Oregon State, and my cous Erika just started veternarian school at Mississippi State. Since they couldn't attend each of them sent GK, or as Chris and Robbie call him, GDPK (G** D*** Papa Kenny), a video message. I have to admit, Chris's was the funniest...he wrote a song and recorded himself on his webcam performing it. From the lyrics...I am thinking he wrote the song after a long night at the bar and a few beers! It was hysterical! One of the lines in the song was "Papa Kenny's turning eighty...and I can't even count that high" (hence the title of this post). Way funnier if you saw the video. I'll spare you the details of a song about an 80 year old man...even though I think you'd laugh pretty hard!
It seems impossible to get a picture with P looking these days. He is WAY too busy to hold still for a camera shot. We were trying to do a family shot, but P was too busy signing that he wanted more snacks. See his hands...this is the sign for "more"...and P has it down. Not only when he wants "more" food, but when he wants "more" anything. I think I will rename it to the "gimme" sign. Seems more appropriate. haha!
Since there was no hope in getting a family pic with P looking , we decided to get one of just the two of us.
Thank goodness P's cousins were there to help keep him entertained through dinner. Kennedy, my cousin Ang's daughter, was teaching P how to color. I love the look on his face in this pic...he's like, "Listen Kennedy, I'm too young to color! Let's throw food instead!"
If it wasn't for these two girls (P's cousins, Kennedy & Makailee) chasing P around the dining area I would have been lost. They were my lil babysitters. AND yes we did have a whole room reserved so it wasn't like he was running around in an open restaurant. I'm not one of "those" mommies.
Afterwards we went back to the G's house for cake and ice cream. Kennedy decided she wanted to show us her Halloween costume. Isn't she the cutest Minnie Mouse you've ever seen?! And she is soooo sassy...I love it!

The party was a huge success!

It was sad to leave since it was such a short stay, but we'll be headed back for Thanksgiving here soon. I'll have to write about my Haunted House experience that my cousin Tim took me to on Friday night. I'll recap on that in a separate post.


Road Trip!

We are finally home! It was a short trip to visit the fam, but well worth it! 5 hours is a long time to keep a lil guy occupied in a car...so thank god we have a DVD player. We rotated Baby Einstein and Spongebob for 5 hours straight. Yea, it makes for a pretty boring adult car ride, but hey, at least the P is happy. I had to post this pic of him & CG watching Spongebob on the way there. He was very focused. B's (otherwise known as Grandma Betty) was so excited to see the P! He always takes right to her and ofcourse one of the first things he wanted her to do was read him a book! I always get amazed that a 79 year old lady can still get down on the floor and play with a toddler?She is remarkable!
Since it was PK's (Papa Kenny) 80th Birthday, there were TONS of visitors in and out of the house the whole weekend. As you can see from the picture below, P was having a blast with all of them, especially the kids.
And especially "Crazy Ron"! This is my Uncle from CA and ever since I can remember we have always called him Crazy Ron. Trust me...he lives up to his name!
I'll post more from the actual party when I get P to sleep...unless I fall asleep myself. I am dead tired!


The Limited

If anyone is interested in some free virtual dollars to The Limited this is your lucky day! I have $25 off of a $50 purchase (and I have 2)! Even better news...I already used them last week online and g0t 3 new pair of pants...Drew fit, which is my FAV! But, guess what, I was curious to see if they would work again (just for fun)...and sure enough...the codes work. Not only that, but I made up a third code and it worked too! You must click on "CLICK HERE TO REDEEM VIRTUAL DOLLARS" under the coupon code box when you are at check out.
Codes are:



And I tried 202804 - it worked too! I am sure if you had a bigger purchase and were spending $200 you could probably even try 202803 and it would work! Just thought I would share! Let me know if it works for anyone.

Off to see the fam...

We are headed up north this weekend for my grandpa's 80th birthday party! We are sooo excited! I know, an 80th birthday party doesn't seem all that exciting right, but....ALL of our family is coming together for this big event and honestly, I can't remember the last time we were ALL together. Even my aunt and uncle from CA are flying in!!! They have never met the P so we are very excited to introduce them. My grandpa has been battling cancer for the last several months and is doing remarkably well, considering the doctors didn't think the chemo would do any good. Fortunately, the chemo is working and the tumors are shrinking! We couldn't be more pleased with his results thus far. We have a fun filled weekend ahead of us and are looking forward to spending time with everyone!

ps being that the G & G still live in the "what's the internet?" era...I most likely won't be posting till our return on Sunday. Gotta love the older generation! :) I promise to update as soon as I'm back.


My 2 boys!

For the first 12 months of P's life, he was a momma's boy. Especially in the evenings when he would get tired. I can remember a period of about 4 months when, as soon as the clock hit 7:30pm, he wanted NOTHING to do with anyone but me. It seems sweet, although, I'm not gonna lie, at times it was exhausting! I couldn't get anything accomplished in the evenings because he wouldn't let me out of his sight. Now that we are passed the one year mark and on our way to 18 months (crazy to say), he has grown out of his "momma only" phase. He now loves to snuggle with daddy too! Thank GOD! This means I can at least throw a load of laundry in or run the dishwasher or send an email without him screaming for me. Isn't this picture of him leaning in to give daddy a kiss priceless? They are my two favorite men!!