Are you seeing double? We now have 2 C.G.'s. C.G. stands for Curious George by the way. It's amazing how many people don't get that? I thought I would clarify. Plus, if you haven't noticed I shorten everything as if I'm txting and if you ask my husband...he'll tell you I even talk in text. Oops! Anyway, Papa ordered P his 2nd CG. We thought it would be more of a "back up" just in case something ever happens to CG #1, but as you can see below, P now thinks he has to carry around CG #1 AND CG #2. Dear Lord!
God love him!


NMB said...

love it!

Cogski said...

omg toooo funny! he'll be carrying CG til he's a senior in high school now that there's TWO! usually the first one will be all beat up and missing an arm by the time he's ready to part with CG...not anymore! toooo funnny! hope u guys have a good wkend!