Chicago Marathon...watch out for Aims!

My BF Amy from college (and long lost sister that I never had) decided earlier this year that she was going to train for the Chicago Marathon. I have to be honest, I thought she may end up bailing. After all, it is 26.2 miles! Just thinking about running 2 miles makes me want to puke so I can't imagine multiplying that by 13! I'm exhausted already. Plus, she has 2 little boys that keep her on the go nonstop. But, as of Sunday at around noon...she has completed the marathon and I am so proud of her! She put something on my phone that would text me when she made it halfway and then again three-quarters of the way, and the finish! I was so nervous for her all morning that I could hardly think about anything else. Not nervous because I didn't think she could do it, but nervous because I know her hip had been bothering her lately and I was praying she didn't injure herself. Everytime I got an update, I would sigh in relief that she was doing so well! I knew she would do GREAT! She has been training like a maniac for months and she couldn't have prepared herself mentally and physically any better than she did. What an inspiration for us all? To be able to just put your mind to something and accomplish it...is an amazing gift! Go AIMS! We love you and congratulate you on your wonderful accomplishment! XOXO
How cute is this? Ryder and Jac cheering on mommy!
ps Next year you need to drag my butt to this marathon. I could use some toning up in that area!

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Amy said...

Awww, thanks Mando! And yes you should run with me next year :)