Dump Truck Dining

Ever since we have lived in our house our trash day has been Wednesday. Always.

J's routine is to take the trash to the curb Wed. morning as soon as he wakes up. Usually by the time we come home from work on Wed. evening the garbage men have come...and the trash cans are empty. Seems routine right?

Until recently.

For the last few months J has done the usual, set the trash out on Wed. morning...however, when we get home from work...the trash seems to always still be there? I know when there is a week with a holiday it messes up the trash schedule, but we are talking about week after week after week...and still the trash isn't gone on Wed. evening. Now, I wish I could say that every week had a holiday, but unfortunately that's not the case. So for the last few months we haven't been able to figure out if they changed our trash day to Thursday or if it's Friday...or heck, if they decided to quit picking up our trash now.

Until recently.

My parent's have the same trash day (they only live a couple blocks away). Two weeks in a row now I have noticed when I go to pick up P from their house after work that the garbage truck is parked directly in front of their driveway. I thought it was weird the first time, especially since they were blocking the driveway (and didn't seem to be moving anytime soon). But, I especially thought it was weird when the next week I noticed the same thing...2 men...sitting in the truck...not picking up trash...not even out of the truck...not doing anything. Or so I thought...

When I finally asked my mom why the garbage truck was sitting in front of her driveway (for over a half hour-2 weeks in a row)...not moving...she let me in on a little secret! The elderly lady across the street, Mrs. Lightfoot, feeds the garbage men every week when they pick up her trash. She gives them a coke and apparently she either bakes them cookies or makes them a sandwich every week. So...they stop and eat for 30 minutes in front of her house. I am wondering how many other elderly ladies give the garbage men "treats" while they are enroute, but I am thinking enough to make them lose track of time and not pick up our trash anymore! At least I now know why our trash sits on the curb sometimes until Friday. The garbage men are taking snack breaks every 4 blocks! Ofcourse their not going to finish their trash route in one day!

Which is fine...if someone would just inform us of that so we don't have our smelly trash sitting in front of our house for half a week (every week)!

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The Mrs said...

Wow I didn't see that coming but that is really funny. It must be a lonely old woman.