Homecoming night

I know...it's a rare occasion around here...but...Saturday night we made it happen. We had such a great time! Gigi and Papa had the P and J and I were up for a night out on the town. I only wish we could do this more often. And I definitely wish Jen & Eric lived closer to us! I hope we can make this a Homecoming tradition!

If you don't know Jen...she's basically a stand up comedian...so anything you do with her...is hilarious! Ofcourse, N and I are always up to no good. I think our motto for the night was "if you can't talk nice, come sit next to us". No really, we are nice girls, but the three of us together can do damage on "people watching", especially when there are 100 nineteen year olds in mini skirts hanging all over every guy in the bar. Wait...did we use to act like that? Surely not. :)


NMB said...

This just cracked me up but I hate this picture of me!! We did have a great time didn't we? xoxo

Jen said...

We did have so much fun that night. It's probably a good thing that I don't live closer or we would be getting into WAY too much trouble together :-) And no...we did not wear mini skirts. We wore halter tops. Hahaha! Love you girls to pieces.

NMB said...

And, You can't forget ANIMAL PRINT! It was quite the trend circa 1999!