Kreativ Blogger Award!

Ok, so my BF tagged me on her blog with this "kreativ blogger" thing. I guess I should mention that she tagged me last week, but since I seem to be atleast a week behind on all my posting, it's fitting that I am just now getting to it. :) Sorry Nin. I must admit, I am not near as creative as her, but, nonetheless, I am going to keep this kreativ blogger award going. The rules are to post six things that you love and then tag six other bloggers with the "kreativ blogger" award. So here it goes. I love alot of things...so this should be easy.

#1: The "P" - this was an easy one right? I mean, my whole blog is centered around this lil man! He is the center of our world and the best thing that has ever happened to us!
#2: The "hubby" - I am one lucky lady people...have you seen my man? Phew...he is easy on the eyes and the most romantic guy you'll meet. I can't imagine my life without his goofy-ness in it! I heart him!
#3 - The Friends & Fam - Cliche I know, but how can you not put friends and family on your top 6 love list? These people are the reason I love my life! My parent's are AMAZING and they are such a huge support system in our lives! And ofcourse, my friends are the ones who keep me laughing and smiling even when I feel like crying.
#4 - Friday's - I am sure most of you would agree....I live for FRIDAY'S! Especially because I am lucky enough to only work Mon - Thur. I get to spend every single Friday with the P! Does it get any better?
#5 - "family time" - Don't get confused, "family time" is different then #3 The Friends and Fam. "Family Time" is a phrase that J likes to use when he catches all four of us (me, P, J, & K) playing together or spending time together. It could be that we are all four sitting on the dining room floor watching P play with his building blocks or it could be when we are all outside playing in the front yard, or even when the four of us are just sitting on the couch watching spongebob....J will quietly say "family time" and smile. It's pretty sweet and makes me realize just how much I love my "family time".
#6 - BLOGGING - DUH?! I can't wait to go home every night and catch up on all my daily blog reading! Especially now that so many of my friends are blogging. I love to write too so it's a great way to relieve some stress. Now I didn't say I was good at writing, I just said I love to write. There is a difference. But, blogging is such a fabulous way to keep everyone updated on our lives and to keep updated on everyone else's lives. If you haven't started a blog...you should highly consider it! Although, if your like me and it means you no longer frequent the gym...because your too busy blogging...that can become a problem!

I am passing this award to 3 more "kreativ bloggers" (I know the rules say 6, but I can only come up with 3 that probably haven't already gotten this):

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Jen said...

Aww...thanks for the tag! I will do my best to post that award to my blog as well.
So Friday...we will be there sometime in the afternoon. Eric can't make it this weekend because he is in charge of a VERY big project at work and can't miss. He has to work the weekend too :-( So my mom and Addie and I are driving together and will probably hit the Tuscola outlet mall on the way down :-) I wasn't planning on doing much Friday night because the baby will be beat form the car ride and I want to be rested for Saturday. But if you guys get done with your party and want to swing out to C-dale, I would love to see ya! I will give you a call during the day on Friday to let you know what time we expect to be in.