The Limited

If anyone is interested in some free virtual dollars to The Limited this is your lucky day! I have $25 off of a $50 purchase (and I have 2)! Even better news...I already used them last week online and g0t 3 new pair of pants...Drew fit, which is my FAV! But, guess what, I was curious to see if they would work again (just for fun)...and sure enough...the codes work. Not only that, but I made up a third code and it worked too! You must click on "CLICK HERE TO REDEEM VIRTUAL DOLLARS" under the coupon code box when you are at check out.
Codes are:



And I tried 202804 - it worked too! I am sure if you had a bigger purchase and were spending $200 you could probably even try 202803 and it would work! Just thought I would share! Let me know if it works for anyone.


Anonymous said...

I was googling for limited codes and came across your blog. Thank you!!! You saved me $125!! Huge fan of the drews! Thanks again!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

I was just saying yesterday that I need to see if they have any new pants or jeans for me, I'll have to try them on in the store and then if I find anything order it online! Thanks! And congrats on your new clothes, so fun!

Amy said...

Oh yay! Perfect timing Mando, thans!