The Mohawk

What 14 month old doesn't need a cool hairdo? What's wrong with having your son sport a mohawk, especially when he can pull it off! Even the stars think it's cool. Look at Angelina, Travis, and Gwen...their babies are rocking the mohawk...and looking mighty adorable I might add. P likes to rock it "celebrity" style every now and then, just for a change of pace. Daddy thinks the mohawk is "uncool"...he actually thinks P is too old for a mohawk???????? I'm just preaching to him...atleast it's not a mullet right? Can't you tell it makes him feel like a rockstar...look at his face! I love that little face! And celebrity or not, my P man has the best mohawk out there! Watch out Maddox, Landon, and Zuma!


NMB said...

OMG I love your kid soooooo much it's not even funny! The first picture is priceless. He is a freakin' Rockstar... hands down! xoxo The Very Proud Auntie

Amy said...

Mandy, let's get it right now. Since the sides are not shaved, the technical term for this hair style is the fauxhawk!

Ginette said...

P man is adorable! Definitely rockin' the style. Little guy can pull if off.