My 2 boys!

For the first 12 months of P's life, he was a momma's boy. Especially in the evenings when he would get tired. I can remember a period of about 4 months when, as soon as the clock hit 7:30pm, he wanted NOTHING to do with anyone but me. It seems sweet, although, I'm not gonna lie, at times it was exhausting! I couldn't get anything accomplished in the evenings because he wouldn't let me out of his sight. Now that we are passed the one year mark and on our way to 18 months (crazy to say), he has grown out of his "momma only" phase. He now loves to snuggle with daddy too! Thank GOD! This means I can at least throw a load of laundry in or run the dishwasher or send an email without him screaming for me. Isn't this picture of him leaning in to give daddy a kiss priceless? They are my two favorite men!!

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Ginette said...

Adorable pic. Ya know, the favorite thing seems to go back and forth as they age. I thought it was just our guy, but friends have said the same thing.