Dan, P, & the Dawgs!

Last weekend my friend Danilo and his wife Amy came to town and stayed with us. Dan and I have been friends since college. We went to undergrad and graduate school together and had just about every class in college together. He is from Brazil and never learned English until he came to the states for college. If you ever listen to him talk, you would never know his first language wasn't English! Amazing how fast he caught on and how "Americanized" he has become. Although, sometimes I do still catch him saying the wrong words for things. I am sure his wife can vouch for that too! Amy went to SIU as well and her and Dan met on the SIU Swim Team. I love Amy...great pick Dan! They are expecting their first baby come Christmas time! We can't wait to meet little Claire Elza! It was so much fun having them at our house and we hope they come back and visit more often...especially when Claire arrives!

Since the Dawgs were in town we ofcourse spent Saturday as proud alumni supporting the SALUKIS! I think P had a great time with Dan! Dan was getting some good "daddy" practice while he was here.
Here he is playing bags with the P!
Then it was time for a break and time for P to show Dan how to play with sticks...one of his favorite things to do.
I can't believe I didn't get a picture of Amy and her belly! I was too focused on snapping shots of P. Darn!


NMB said...

SO cute! I had a great time tonight too... I always have a great time spending the evening with the Rose's and Wilson's!! Thank u again for cooking and inviting me!! xoxo

Dluna said...

Thanks for the shout out Mandy! We had a great time with you guys too.....I am ready to be a dad now!