My husband's trying to show me up.

Uh huh...that's right, J-daddy is trying to out-do me! Remember I mentioned he has started a Financial Dad Blog? Well, I failed to mention that he is pretty darn good at it. He actually comes up with better stories than me sometimes? How is that fair? Up until now, I have felt like I have had the superior writing capabilites and now (once again) my bubble has been bursted. J's daddy blog is just as interesting as my mommy blog. HELP! Any ideas on how to top him?


Amy said...

He is doing a good job! But that's OK, because you're doing an even better job! His posts are pretty funny, I have to admit that :)

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

You guys are so cute! I am impressed that he has his own blog, it's great! But yours is awesome too! My Hubs wants to be a guest blogger sometime!

Ginette said...

Very cute. I am really adore how he expresses his appreciation of you too. Great family and very blessed!

Anonymous said...


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