My new header!!!!!

P and I stopped by Auntie N's this morning while she was working away at her computer. I interupted her work to have her give me a lil photoshop 101! Although I can't say I will remember everything she taught me, I definitely feel like I have a better idea of how to do things in photoshop now. And even better, as she was showing me how to do things she created my new blog header. It was actually just something she was throwing together as she was teaching me. It turned out sooo freaking cute that I am using it! Don't you just love? Thanks N! Great work as always! Loving my new header!

As Auntie and I were busy chatting away about important things like photo cropping and layering...P kept standing there giving us his "all done?" face and hand gesture. He was sooo over the photoshop lessson!


Nicole said...

Little P is adorable! I saw his pics on Nina's blog. Love the header too!

NINA said...

P really had us cracking up today, didn't he? Good thing he needed a nap when he did so we could teach each other BBM 101. See ya in a bit!
p.s. You'll be changing that header in no time bc you'll be a Photoshop Pro before you know it!

Ginette said...

Hey-I like the new header. I need a few lessons too!