My Parker Bear

Happy Halloween! Nin taught me how to use Picasa3 today too so now I how to upload collages of pictures...which is fabulous because now I don't have to pick just one or two pics. :) If you click on the collage you can see the pics closer.

P was a bear for Halloween this year. Daddy's idea. When I asked J what P should be his response immediately (without hesitation) was a bear or a bull. Bear market/Bull market. Being the fact that it was nearly impossible to come up with a bull costume...a bear it was! Bear markets are what the finance world refers to as "bad or down markets" which is why we would have liked the bull costume better because bull = good market. O-well...it's sad that we are even picking out our 15 months old halloween costume based on market terminology. But, again, that's what you get when both your parents work in the world of finance! And for me...I figured this will be the last year he will be something cutesy. From here on out it will probably be super heros!

We started the night by heading downtown with Gigi and Papa to the parade and pumpkin path. It's basically a parade thru downtown (and our town is not that big) and then all the kids trick or treat at the local businesses. It was actually really fun! They had a band and P loved the music (ofcourse). I am going to upload a video of him dancing when I figure the video thing out. After downtown we headed to Frosty & Kiki's for some treats!
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NINA said...

Great Work, Mama!! Love it! Gawd, he was the cutest bear!! But then again you could have put him in a paper bag and he would have been a HIT. xoxo Auntie

AmyDean said...

P is adorable as a little bear.

Love the new header also. Have you figured out how to make the pic's in our posts larger? That's my new adventure!

Nicole said...

So cute! He is absolutely adorable! Sounds like you all had a fun night.

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

I love the collage!! Adorable and great pics!! So cute!