Road Trip!

We are finally home! It was a short trip to visit the fam, but well worth it! 5 hours is a long time to keep a lil guy occupied in a car...so thank god we have a DVD player. We rotated Baby Einstein and Spongebob for 5 hours straight. Yea, it makes for a pretty boring adult car ride, but hey, at least the P is happy. I had to post this pic of him & CG watching Spongebob on the way there. He was very focused. B's (otherwise known as Grandma Betty) was so excited to see the P! He always takes right to her and ofcourse one of the first things he wanted her to do was read him a book! I always get amazed that a 79 year old lady can still get down on the floor and play with a toddler?She is remarkable!
Since it was PK's (Papa Kenny) 80th Birthday, there were TONS of visitors in and out of the house the whole weekend. As you can see from the picture below, P was having a blast with all of them, especially the kids.
And especially "Crazy Ron"! This is my Uncle from CA and ever since I can remember we have always called him Crazy Ron. Trust me...he lives up to his name!
I'll post more from the actual party when I get P to sleep...unless I fall asleep myself. I am dead tired!

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