Papa Keith...I love you

Saturday we headed to J's home town of West Frankfort to attend his great Aunt's visitation. P was a WILD MAN when we got to the funeral home. Lucky me. Chasing chasing chasing was the theme of the day. He is quite the social butterfly, going up to everyone...waving and smiling. It definitely was cute, but not the occasion to be so bubbly. No one seemed to mind that he was zooming around the place like he had just had 5 bags of sugar...thank god. And luckily, we didn't stay for the funeral. Can you just imagine? He would have been trying to climb in the casket by that point! There was a glass statue of a dog in the lobby that he was obsessed with. He loves dogs, ofcourse because of Klay Klay and this statue was no exception. He kept leaning in to give the doggie a kiss. He probably kept doing it because he was wondering when the doggie was gonna lick back. Then we headed to the cemetary to visit Papa Keith. We don't get to go there as much as we would like since we are hardly in West Frankfort anymore. It seems like yesterday when we were having lunch with him every Sunday after church. It's hard to believe he has been gone 2 years. It would have been PK's 69th birthday last Wednesday so we wanted a chance to stop by and say a few words. Plus, we haven't taken P there since he has started walking so we wanted to let him stand by Papa Keith's grave and explore. It was very cute to watch him point to the picture of PK that's on the front of the gravestone. I didn't get a picture, but we weren't there 5 minutes and P fell in the mud. I am sure that gave PK a good chuckle and was fine note to end our visit on. P loves you Papa Keith!

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NMB said...

This was such a thoughtful and sweet post. I wish I would have met PK too!