Personalized Baby Shoes

Most of you probably don't know that I have recently started a "side" business. If you've ever clicked on my personalized baby shoes link under 'some of my favs' then you have seen what I'm talking about...the CUTEST baby shoes ever made and the perfect baby shower gift you will ever find.

I am selling 'p-mox' (personalized baby moccasins and yes...the 'p' is for my P). They come in many many different styles and sizes, plus, you can personalize them with your babies name or initial! Check out my pmox site! I think you will LOVE the shoes! P has a million pairs and he gets compliments on them everywhere we go. Plus, I love that they stay on his feet! Trying to find a shoe that a baby won't kick off is impossible. The soft soul is perfect for first time walkers too! All around a good purchase! Let me know if anyone's interested in ordering.


NMB said...

These are such a HIT with everyone! For sure order them for the next gift on your list... and if you are a Mama... you'll be coming back for more & more, especially with their great price tag ;-) Great Biz, M!

Jen said...

I have a pair and Addie LOVES hers!! They are one of the only pairs of shoes she can keep on her feet. I think I just might have to order a second pair :-)

amy said...

Thank you so much for the pair you got us! They are going to look so cute on our baby girl! Thanks Mandy!