Real quick...

...just when I was bragging on the good ole hubby...I realize...he sometimes really just doesn't listen...at all! Last night he had a late appointment (& no I don't mean midnight late, I mean 7pm late). He is a CFP not a chip-n-dale so don't get the wrong impression. Anyway, it was a great excuse for me to not cook (& yes I am ALWAYS looking or an excuse not to cook)! So on his way home he called to ask if I would like him to pick up dinner (at this point he is still being SUPER romantic fantastic loving caring hubby). I responded with "ofcourse, that would be great."
Here is our conversation from that point on:

Hubby: What would you like me to pick up?

Me: Whatever. I don't care. Surprise me. All I want is a fountain soda. I am craving a COKE! Besides that, I don't care what you get. I'll eat whatever.

Hubby: Ok. Sounds good. I'll see you in a few.

So....you would assume that those were very simple instructions right? Whatever for dinner (his choice) and a regular coke. Never assume. As he walked in the door I noticed he was not holding a drink. Hoping that he couldn't carry it all in at once, I asked him if my soda was still in the car. That's when I quickly learned that the one thing he did not get...was indeed my fountain coke! AHHHHH! (not to mention he brought home one of my most unfavorite take out restaurants food).

I mean, was it that hard? All I wanted was a soda. I will say that he did feel bad and was almost jumping back in the car to head to the gas station to get me my soda. I wouldn't let him because, at that point, the gesture didn't matter. He hadn't listened to me from the beginning. ERRRR (Super not so romantic fantastic loving caring hubby)!!!!!!!! Babe, if your reading...you owe me! :)


NINA said...

I'm dying laughing bc of course I completely understand where you are coming from on the COKE thing!!! J, when are you going to learn??? ;-) Seriously... even when not asked for a GREAT BIG fountain coke could win either of us over in a heartbeat!

Jen said...

When I talk to Eric, I sometimes wonder if my voice sounds like the Charlie Brown characters that go "wah wah wah" because I don't understand how he misses the things I say. Its like I am not speaking English or something!! Why is that???? Oh, and by the way, you have me craving a fountain Coke right now :-)