Had to add this cute group picture we got with all the shakers. It's hard to believe that I spent all four years of college wearing one of these uniforms! Well, I shouldn't say "these" uniforms because the uniforms they have now are SOOO much cuter than anything we ever wore. How is that fair? haha!

P was loving all the ladies. Actually, he was more interested in the pom pons...but hey...don't worry...look at the pic with him and Addie - he was trying to lift up her skirt! As J would say..."that's my boy!" haha!

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Cogski said...

looks like homecoming was FUN!!! love the pics of P of course. nina is gonna be so mad i'm commenting on ur pg! i haven't commented on hers in forever?! but she has sooo many followers now, i'll share the love over at house of rose. i saw ur friend amy's blog the girl who ran the marathon u wrote about, and i ended up reading a lot of her blog and now i feel like i know her! LOL! and she goes to lifetime fitness!! my fav! i think i'm gonna comment on her blog, hope she doesn't think i'm a stalker :-))) ha!