One of my college BF's and former Shaker teammates (Jen-Addie & Mommie's blog) was in town this weekend for SIU Homecoming! I have been anticipating her visit for months now so it was so good to see her and her newest addition, Miss Addison, and ofcourse her mom Jan too! Isn't Addie a doll?
We started the day by watching the parade. Well, Jen didn't quite make it to the parade because she had spent the whole night in the ER with a kidney stone! Can you believe it? And...to top it off, it was her BIRTHDAY! What a terrible gift. I felt so bad for her! Luckily, by tailgate time, she was feeling better and ready to party! Man the parade was HOT! I haven't been to the parade in years. We use to have to march it every year when we were Shakers and I must say, it was way more fun to be a bystander than a participater (especially in 85 degree weather)! P had a GREAT time! He danced to every single band that marched by and he especially liked the floats that played loud music. I was laughing so hard at him I almost peed my pants. He was more entertainment than the actual parade.
Then it was off to the alumni tent for some good ole tailgating. We ran in to lots of people we knew and had a great time reminiscing about our old Shaker days. Here is a pic of Jen, M, & Kerri - the 3 coolest Shakers ever (and Aims too, but she couldn't make it this year, she decided to run the Chicago Marathon instead-we are so proud of her, but missed her dearly yesterday!)
Jen and I joked about how much times have changed. Here's a good example of that. Isn't it funny that we use to walk around the tailgate in our cute little mini skirts and half tops performing for the croud and now we were both sitting at a table in the back feeding our babies in their strollers. WOW, if I didn't feel old before yesterday, it is now official...I FEEL OLD. :)

I guess I was so focused on hanging out with Jen that I didn't realize it wasn't even noon yet and my husband was on beer #7! I guess after the week he has had with the market and all...he deserved it. But, really, did I marry this man (see below). Just kidding honey, I love you.

We were suppose to be participating in the Alumni Shaker halftime event, but being the fact that it was an OVEN outside, the kiddos (and the mama's) were ready to head home. Hopefully next year they will have the performance during pre-game that way all of us old "has beens" can participate before the babies are done for. By 2pm P was sitting on the concrete, holding on to his newest football, and looking at me like "if you don't take me home soon I'm gonna throw the biggest fit you've ever seen". He wasn't even giving out high-fives at this point, so I knew...it was past time to go.

This wasn't the end of our fun-filled day. Gigi and Papa took P overnight so the adults could have some fun! I'll post on that next!

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NMB said...

Great pictures!! Can't wait to see Recap #2! Crap I forgot to send the pic...doing it now. I'm heading to the Palin Fundraiser soon with The Kiks!