Some say....

after almost 4 years of marriage and a baby...marriages lose their spark? Unless I'm just working with a delayed reaction here, I must say, that is not the case in my marriage! I will give much credit to the great hubby...he is SUPER wonderful at being romantic. Here's an example of some of the sweet things he does, he left me a list of reasons why he was still in love with me. (go ahead....everyone at once...."awwwwwwwwwww")
Here's what he wrote:

Why I am still in love with you
1.) you support me in my business and my career
2.) your a MILF
3.) you're a great mother and shower our son with love
4.) you have a nice tush
5.) you are very appreciative and considerate of others. you remember to give thank you's more than anybody I know
6.) you can be goofy at times and its fun to witness
7.) you are proud of me and first chance you get you love to boast about me
8.) you love to take pictures and document our life together
9.) you are super organized and I can always rely on you to be prepared for anything...seriously...anything!
10.) you look good in jeans
11.) you let me watch the Cardinals almost anytime I want. (Football is coming:))
12.) I know that you would never turn your back on me and I can always count on you

I agree, some of them are funny...like #2 & #4, but you got to love the effort right? And I have no idea why he didn't make it a top 10 list and instead listed 12 reasons, but I am guessing that's because he had more reasons why he loved me than just 10 :) (I'm hoping there's more than 12, but 12 will do for now). haha!


Cogski said...

SUPER cute!!!! and the blow drying of CG is too funny. P looks proud of what he'd done, lol!

NINA said...

This is hands down one of the cutest things I've read about a husband showing his love! Way to Go, J!!! The thing I especially love about the two of you is that it's never forced... it's just how you are! The two of you are great role models for me in my hunt for the MOMD!!! haha! xoxo A.N.

Jeff Rose said...

Man. I am pretty sweet. I think I'll take you out to dinner tonight.