VFL Sunday

GO DADDY!!! P's intensely watching daddy's FB game and clapping. I'm not sure he was clapping for the right team...but hey...atleast he was clapping for someone. He didn't sit in this chair long. In fact, he found a cute girl that was sitting next to us and he sat on her lap for a good portion of the game. Already flirting like a mad man. Dear Lord.It was halftime and daddy was taking a water break. Ofcourse, if daddy is having water...P has to have water too. So here are a few pics of daddy sharing his water with the P.
Oh wait...did I mention J will be sitting out the next few VFL games? Last game he fractured a rib! Yes, it is only "flag" football...but somehow he still managed to get hurt. I told you how serious they take this FB thing remember?

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NMB said...

SO CUTE! Glad we had lunch today!!! xoxo