What exactly was I thinking?

As I was going through some pictures from 2006, I stumbled upon this one....take a close look...YES...this is me ON THE MOWER? I have no idea what I was thinking! I guess I was thinking I was gonna mow the grass. I look so serious too. My my, I can remember this day very clearly. There's a few reasons a woman should never mow the lawn. I thought I would share:

1. You can't wear heels while you mow. Total bummer!

2. The smell of mower gasoline is enough to make you not hungry for the rest of the day! (Wait, that might be a good reason to do it, nevermind. Aren't we all looking for appetite suppressants?)

3. I guess if you don't lower the blade (???) you can consider yourself joy riding...not mowing. This is fun to realize about 20 minutes into it.

4. Apparently running over a giant stick is not something you want to do. Bending the mower blade does not make hubby happy. Infact, it completely takes away from the nice gesture of trying to help. OOPS!

5. Running out of gas after your about halfway through, turns your 60 minute mow job, into about a 3 hour project. Especially, when you don't have extra gas, you can't find the gas can to go get gas, and when you finally do, you have to carry the gas can to the farthest point in the backyard where the mower stopped working (yea, how unlucky).

6. If your on a rider mower...there's no exercise involved. At least if it was a push mower I could justify it by the fact I was getting my exercise in, right?

7. Mowing the grass on the shortest setting...not a good idea either. I guess when you are trying to get your grass to grow in...pretty and green, you should never mow it on the shortest setting. I think I killed half the grass we finally did have.

8. Killing half your grass on accident sounds like no big deal, except when you realize it is going to cost you another $500 in seed to grow more. yea...

9. There is nothing sexy about a girl on a mower...unless the mower is parked in the bedroom and your straddling your husband naked on it. Other than that, no one driving by is admiring how sexy you look while mowing. Trust me.

10. If your goal is to please hubby by mowing the grass while he is gone...I can come up with 10 more things that your husband would rather you do to please him...and none of them involve a mower. For real.

I am glad someone caught this rare occasion on camera, because this literally was the one & ONLY time I ever attempted to mow. Never again. What a bad experience!


NMB said...

I just got totally hysterical over this picture and the post! Go one M, love it!

Jen said...

Hahahaha! I am so with you. Eric won't even let me on his new riding mower. It is a Cub Cadet mower (whatever the hell that means) and he says it like I should know that it is a big deal. When I offered to cut the grass once he was like "um...there is no way I am letting you on the cub cadet". You don't have to tell me twice :-) I am good with just watching. By the way, I love tips 9 and 10 :-)