Taking the alarm clock on a walk?

P came walking out of the spare bedroom with a new friend in tow. Hmmmm....I had to take a second look to see what exactly he was dragging around. Yes, it looks like he thinks the alarm clock, that was plugged in and on a shelf I might add, is a pet. He was "walking" it around the house like it was Miss K on her leash. He was so proud too! Thank goodness the camera was close.

Gosh he's at such a fun age! I am so thankful to have this lil guy in my life!


What can I say...

I have a great hubby! Gosh, can you ladies believe that he hacked by blog and pulled off such a sweet and amazing video? I couldn't have asked for a better gift. Don't get me wrong, I love my Classic Cardy's, but they mean nothing to me compared to this sweet post! Things like this are EXACTLY why I married this man!

I was actually getting comment notifications to my email (which comes to my blackberry) on a post called "Happy Anniversary" and I was so confused. haha! Good one baba! Totally impressed! I'll mark this in my brownie point book! Happy 4 years to you too!



Headed out the door for Thanksgiving trip, but had to post this link. Amy, from PF Photography, took our family pics last weekend and she has posted just a couple (for a sneak peak). YOU MUST CHECK IT OUT!!! I can't wait to see all of them because these four pics are GREAT!!!

Happy Anniversary BABA, the post you just did....was FABULOUS! More to come on that later....


Happy Anniversary


Hey Sweetie-

I hacked into your blog and uploaded this video. I hope you are not mad. I wanted to give you a little surprise for our 4 year anniversary. We've overcame many hardships and often times I don't deserve such an aweome wife, so I am so thankful to have you in my life. Did I mention your an awesome mommy, too? P told me to say that. I love you baba!


Hey daddy...need a hand?

P was so excited that we were putting up a tree...INSIDE! He loves to play outside and I am pretty sure that he thinks this tree came from our backyard. He kept pointing and saying "uh", "uh". Like "mommy, how did you get that tree inside our house?"

He was totally cute helping daddy. I just sat back and watched because it was too darn cute to interupt.
I will say that after P was done helping, it took daddy a good hour to figure out how the lights go together. Folks, we bought a tree with lights already strung, so yes, one would think you would just plug it in and VOILA! However, not the case. There was one strand (ofcourse) not working. I shouldn't say it took him an hour to figure it out because really...it took him an hour until he gave up trying to figure it out. O-well. We are early with the decorating so he has time to get it fixed. And this...ladies and gentlemen...is why I let the man handle the Christmas lights.


I can spell...I swear!

Yea, I just noticed my post was titled "Starting our holiday deocrating!" YIKES! Ever heard of spelling M? It's a good thing I can honestly say I wrote that late last night. However, for all of my English majors out there, Ms. Davis :), I have fixed it. Sorry! I'm really putting my MBA to work. haha!

Starting our holiday decorating!

We have officially started to decorate for Christmas! J spent most of Sunday evening getting down our decorations from the attic. I opened the garage door to find him...half in the attic and half out. Him climbing the latter completely stresses me out. I always ask him if he needs my help and ofcourse he says no, like any normal man. But, when I peaked out the door, just to be sure he was ok, here is what I heard....
Hubby: "UHH!!" "ERR!" "UHH!!"
Me: "Honey, are you okay?"
Hubby: hesitation...."uh, yea, I'm good." (which is aka for, "no, I'm about to fall, but I'm a man and I have to act macho."
Ofcourse, this calls for me to bust out the camera real quick and start snapping away. Then I hear...
Hubby: (he can't see me, but he can hear the clicks of my camera) "I'm glad your gonna BLOG this!"
OOPS! Caught in action! My sneakiness wasn't exactly so sneaky. But, come on, if he was gonna fall, I wanted to catch in action! haha!
He ended up carrying the tree down the latter on his head. His very "inventive" way of getting a 50lb box down a latter, but it worked....and luckily, no one got hurt!

FYI: I have been informed we are not having an attic in our new house.

Once I realized I wasn't going to have to call 9-1-1, I started unloading Christmas boxes and hanging our stockings!! Don't are stockings look cute?

I have the adventures of putting the tree up in a post to follow. Does it take a Master's degree to get a set of lights to work?


Give me a hug doggy...

NOW...or I'll smack you! (look at his little deceiving grin...don't be fooled...I caught him in mid-smack!) ROTTEN!
P loves his Klay Klay friend! He has learned how to give out hugs...and guess who gets most of his lovin'? Nope, not mommy. Miss K! I'm assuming he likes her more than me because he can hug her one second and smack her the next...and she doesn't seem to get to ticked off or make him sit in the naughty spot. Mommy, on the other hand, doesn't take it so nicely when I get a big P smooch one second and a nice smack in the face the next. Mommy gets very mad and the naughty spot becomes P's new home.

HELP! We are in a hitting phase! I have read not to hold their arms or hands when you are telling them "no" because it just causes them to become more frustrated. But, seriously, I don't know how else to get him to stop!! It is so frustrating! I think ever since I taught him how to high five, he thinks he can hit everything as hard as he hits my hand for high fives. Any mommy tips?


Is it me or....

do you hate when people leave rude comments on your blog? I know that a few posts ago I was begging people to comment, but maybe I should clarify....

"If you don't have something nice to say, you probably shouldn't say anything at all." Ever heard of that? Yea, it's a pretty common phrase and I'm gonna go ahead and make it the theme of the day.
In fact, if you are offended or feel the need to be rude about one of my posts, maybe you shouldn't be a loyal reader. Am I right?

The goal of this blog is to inform and update my readers on the Rose family happenings! I love blogging because it's an open notebook and a great journal to our life with the P man. I LOVE all of the nice and wonderful comments that most of my readers leave! I appreciate all of you who take the time to leave those nice messages! Thank you!

It's a waste of time to leave rude comments....because guess what...I'm my own blog administrator...and I'll just delete it....click! :)

I know there are many of you out there that can agree with me on this!

We have a ROOF!!!!!!!!!!

Hallelujah! I haven't been updating you too much on the house plans, but there's a reason. We went through a period of a few weeks where we had the perfect house plan drawn up...and no roof! What I mean by no roof, is our architect was having a hard time figuring out how to make the roof work with our plan. Yea, fun right? He created the PERFECT (and I mean perfect) floor plan for what I wanted....but had some roof issues. "Roof talk" is like a foreign language to me; especially when they start using words like gable and hip??? Basically, I am pretty much roof illiterate and unfortunately so is J!

But, today folks....the builder has found a way to make the roof work with my perfect floor plan!!! I am super excited that we are past this roof drama! My goodness, I never thought I would get so worked up over a dumb roof. And I'm sure this is just the beginning!

It seems as though we may have more time to plan if the market continues to SUCK! Come on economy....TURN AROUND or my April start date is gonna have to be pushed back! ERRRRRRRRR!
Obviously, these pictures are not exactly what our house will look like. Our house is being customized and we haven't even seen a drawing of the front yet. These pictures our just off of homeplans.com. However, this IS how our roof will look! And these houses both are the same style that we are planning to go with! I think the finished product will be a combination of both.


A Turkey and some cheesecake

Today J got a box in the mail. A pretty big box actually. When I saw it sitting on the kitchen counter I got excited, thinking it may be my "surprise" anniversary gift. I took a closer look....and was slightly disappointed to find that it was..........a turkey?

Yes, a frozen turkey in a box? One of J's wholesaler's from work sent him a turkey. I guess it was a nice gesture, even though I would have much preferred a grill utensil set or a wine opener set (typical wholesaler gifts)...but I guess I shouldn't complain. Is it sanitary to send a turkey through the mail? And we're not talking about just any turkey, this turkey is so big, it's taking up the ENTIRE bottom shelf in our fridge and I'm pretty sure if we don't start eating it tonight...the shelf may not hold up. The thing weighs more than P. Wait, I'm sorry, I'm being ungrateful. We love the turkey. Thank you Jackson National! :)

On a brighter note, J spoke at one of his client's investment clubs tonight...and guess what he was sent home with? A turtle cheesecake! The entire cake! I will definitely not complain about that! Now I just have to figure out where I am going to fit a 20lb turkey AND an entire cheesecake in my "not so huge" fridge. If something has to go...I can promise you it won't be the cheesecake. Unless, ofcourse I decide to fix this problem by eating the entire million calorie desert before I head to bed.

I'll let you know in the AM. Thanks Dorothy, turtle cheesecake is my favorite!


Making his BIG debut....

As most of you know my hubby has 2 blogs of his own: Good Financial Cents (his money blog) and Financial Dad (his daddy blog). He takes blogging very serious folks. :) In fact, most of our conversations over the last 6 months have had something to do with blogging (hence, why I started my own). I know, exciting right? But, honestly, my hubby is SUPER motivated and determined that his financial blog is going to be referenced on CNN or NBC or by Suzy Orman...or by someone very popular someday! And to be honest, I don't doubt that one day it will.
He follows a lot of financial/money blogs and he networks with the best of em! He actually guest posted on one of the bigger financial blogs today called, Moolanomy! This is a HUGE thing for him! Moolanomy is a very well know money blog that has thousands of readers! Check out his post! Congrats baba! This is just the beginning...I see a Barbara Walters interview in your near future.

Haircuts and suckers!

Last week P got his fourth haircut! Daddy was due too so it was a father/son day at the hair salon! He usually does so good sitting still and this time was no different. Miss Layne (our hair stylist) decided he deserved a sucker! Unfortunately, while mommy, daddy, and Miss L were gossiping away...P found the sucker bowl and not only opened one sucker...but he had five suckers! Not only that, but Miss L brings her puppy to work everyday and I caught P sharing his sucker with the dog! SOOO thoughtful of him. :)

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This spoon thing is starting to work


It didn't take long...before P got the spoon thing down pat! He has officially moved from "baby" to "toddler". He hardly needs my help for anything anymore, except for poopy diapers..and how fun is that. ERRR!

Where'd that go???

Lately P has been SOOO smart. I know...all parents probably brag on their kids and claim that their kid is the smartest...but really...he is SOOOO smart. :)
The smarter he gets the more entertaining he becomes. We find ourselves sitting around just watching his every move. "P, blow kisses. P, wave bye-bye. P, throw the ball. P, pet Klay Klay. P, do circles. P, show us your nose...belly...eyes....ears....brain...tongue...knee (and yes he even knows knee). P, dance. P, give hugs." and the list goes on and on. But, just in the last week he has really started getting super smart. I can hand him something and tell him to go throw it away and he heads straight to the nearest trash can, lifts the lid, and in it goes. I mean, really, do all 15 month olds do that?
Well, I guess he started liking the "trash" game so much that he even started throwing away things that weren't trash. I went to the trash can a couple nights ago, opened it up, and guess what I found? P's nike shoes. Hmmmm...I wonder how those got in the trash can. Not to mention he has thrown CG away TWICE along with the TV remote and his sippy cup! Maybe I shouldn't have taught him where the trash can was? OOPS!
J and I have come to the realization that we are going to be missing A LOT of things in the next several months. We are already finding ourselves saying "where'd the (fill in the blank) go?" Let's just hope he doesn't throw away something important without me noticing. The joys of a toddler!


The Classic Cardy Uggs...are M I N E!

Hubby is terrible at keeping gifts a secret for very long. Our anniversary is Nov. 26th (4 years!!), but for some reason, tonight he decided to randomly give me my gift. It's funny how he couldn't wait one more week...but I'm not going to complain....because guess what he got me...

That's right...he really does take notes I guess. A month or so ago I posted something about these boots being my favorite Uggs...I guess he does read my blog! He even got them in the color I wanted! Now I just wish it was the weekend so I could put them with my black leggings and sweater dress! Hubby will always be my first LOVE, and P's right there at the top with him (& K too), but I must admit...these boots are running a close second! Aren't they so adorable?!!! Way to go baba!!

He did say he has something else for me, but that is actually going to be a surprise. I guess I have to wait for the actual anniversary date for the surprise!

This is about how I feel...

Sorry for the lack of posting today...this picture is describing EXACTLY how I am feeling...EXHAUSTED!!! I've had a lot going on at work lately and no time in the evening for my usual "blog time". P has been staying up until 10 PM!

I am about to cook dinner, but I am hoping I will have some time this evening to catch up on my daily reads and some new posts for you all!



We spent Saturday night at our friends Buddy and Michelle's to watch the UFC fight. Brock Lasnar vs Randy Couture! I must say that it is quite funny how I actually get into this UFC thing, and I am not sure how I started becoming a fan, but somehow, I totally dig it. For those of you who know me, I am sure you find this totally "out of character" for me. I'm usually in to fashion and shopping...not fighting and blood! O-well, it's the one "guy thing" that I can relate to. Hubby kinda likes it. :)

Uncle Buddy must have been playing Rock Band before we came over (if you know Buddy...he'd probably been playing it all day) because the drums were set up when we arrived. Anytime you leave two sticks out...and a 15 month old gets a hold of them....well, it can get dangerous! But, without any help, P picked up the sticks and started drumming away. We don't have playstation at our house so I have NO IDEA how he knew what to do...but he did (see video)! I finally had to take the drumsticks away from him because he moved from using the drums as his target...to the coffee table. OOPS! Sorry Uncle Buddy!

I thought that it took kids at least until grade school to get in to playstation games. I'm doomed. As soon as P can start busting out sentences...he's gonna say "Mama, buy me rock band." CRAP! Those drums are more annoying than the toy firetruck that we have (referring to previous post).


P is 15 months

P's dr appointment was pretty routine. Nothing too abnormal to report. He got a flu shot, which, ofcourse, was not fun! He weighs 22.5lbs, which is a pound less than he weighed at 12 months, and he is 31.5 inches long!

The dr informed us for the thirty fifth time...that he has a small pee pee (pee pee sounds better than penis when you are talking about a babies privates, although both are probably inappropriate). This "small pee pee" drama should probably be saved for it's own post, but I can't help to mention it. The poor little guy was not born well endowed. J and I have been worried that there is something wrong with "it" because it is smaller than normal...but, NOPE Dr. L says he just has a small one. I probably shouldn't even mention this on my blog. Heaven for bid if he ever got old enough to read it and saw this post. He would kill me! Plus, its a pretty sensitive subject for the hubby. He is ready to put him on hormone treatment! Men take this stuff very seriously apparently. I am not too worried, Dr. L thinks it will grow in proportion to his body with time and ofcourse the hormone treatment comment was an exageration! When babies are little you can never tell! But, who knows, maybe my kid will be the "cute kid with the small pee pee".

Sorry if I confused some of you by not defining what "WIC" is. To be honest, I am not really sure what it stands for. All I know is it is some type of welfare program. I am not trying to knock people on welfare, but EVERY SINGLE time I go to the dr they ask me if I'm on WIC. I don't get it. EVERY SINGLE time I tell them no. And again, today was no different, the nurse asked me if I was on WIC! I wanted to be like "NO I AM NOT ON WIC...WRITE IT IN THE CHART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I like to think that I don't look like I'm on welfare! For the love of GOD!

I thought I would post this video of P and his peek-a-boo game so you could see the fun stuff he is doing now! Everyday is something new and I love witnessing it!



Heading to the doc!

We are on our way to P's 15 month wellness check! I will report back with how it goes. I think he has actually lost weight and not gained. He is skinny now instead of chubby! We'll see. And who's betting money on it (NINA?), will they ask me if I'm on WIC...A G A I N?


Sarah Palin is haunting me, NCF is PG, and thank god I didn't start watching Lipstick Jungle! (very random...I know)

As I was commenting on one of my new blog reads, Girl From MIH-NEE-SOO-TAH, I came across this word verification:I never get real words. I usually get a bunch of letters that I can't even read and have to end up going through three different screens to actually get it right. Not this time.
How did they know I love her?

By the way, one of my favorite bloggers, Naturally Caffeinated Family, has some big news to share.......SHE'S PREGNANT! I was so excited for her! She has a little boy that is P's age and I love to read her funny posts about mommyhood! CONGRATULATIONS NCF! And actually, thanks a lot, now you have me thinking I should be trying for baby Rose #2! Hubby thinks it's time. Mommy thinks...NOT YET! We'll see.

Oh, AND...my dear BF, NINA KNOWS BEST, has been shocked that I don't watch Lipstick Jungle (one of her favorite shows). I just about started watching it because, ofcourse, her & I tend to have similar tastes and I figured if she loves it, so will I (and I am sure I would have). But, THANK GOD I didn't get started...because NBC has officially axed it! I'm sorry N that they took away your favorite show, but this is one time (and maybe the only time) I am glad I didn't follow your lead. haha! I think NBC cancelling your Lipstick Jungle is like E! cancelling my Dr. 90210! I would be devastated!

ps since we are on the topic of "randomness"...why do very few of you ever comment on my blog? Do I suck? Thank goodness I have google analytics and I can tell I actually DO have readers...otherwise, I might be questioning my efforts. I love the comments, so PLEASE comment. You don't have to have a google account to comment!

P's idea of feeding himself

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Lately I have been trying to teach P how to eat with a spoon. He seems to be interested...for about 2.3 seconds...and then he finds it way more funny to watch the spoon hit the floor! As you can see from the pics above (click to view larger) he did "try" to use the spoon...he even tried using it upside down (whatever works), but it didn't last long before he was frustrated and done with the whole spoon deal.
I have been having trouble getting him to eat a "good" dinner. Or any dinner for that matter. Everytime I try to spoon feed him, he wants nothing to do with it. He only will eat, if he is in control. It seems like finger foods are all he'll take at this point. My trusty ole spaghetti for dinner idea has been thrown out the door because, if he can't pick it up with his hands, he doesn't want it. AND it is SOOO hard for me to let him do it alone because I can not stand letting him get messy. However, the other night I decided to let my hair down and let him eat his dinner A L O N E...without mommy's help. I can't say that it was easy watching him get EXTREMELY messy, but I can say that he ate every last bite of his dinner! Goal accomplished! Now, I just need him to learn to eat the dinner with the silverware instead of his hands. Any ideas? And any good baby dinner ideas? HELP a mama out!


When I grow up...I'm gonna be a CFP just like daddy...

Not that being a financial advisor is the most "fun filled" job right now with the market being so crappy, but nonetheless...P doesn't care...he's gonna be just like daddy when he grows up.

Last Friday we stopped to visit "da da" at his office for a little lunch. Jimmy Johns for the adults and bologni, string cheese, and peaches for the baby. P wasn't much interested in eating though. He had W A Y more fun destroying daddy's office. Look at all these papers that were screaming "throw me".

"What ma? I'm not doing anything rotten. Just helping daddy file some papers." (More like helping daddy "un-file" some papers)

I love this pic of P sitting on the floor behind J's desk. He looks like he is really working hard studying those financial reports, huh? Maybe he came across his 529 College Savings Plan statement. If so, he was probably thinking "Ma, lets cash-in and buy some toys!"


Did he really live in Baghdad?

Since it's Veteran's Day I thought it was an appropriate time to talk about the hubby's 15 month stay in Iraq and THANK HIM for fighting for our freedom! He served 9 years in the Army National Guard and was deployed to Baghdad for almost a year and a half in 2005/2006. As most of you know, he is a CFP and was what most call a "weekend warrior", meaning that he drilled once a month, but besides that, was a business man the rest of the time. Even though he has been back now for 2 years, I think it is important for him, and all the soldiers who have served or are serving, to know that we appreciate them!
This picture sums up how we felt being away from eachother for so long!
J & I had just gotten married Nov. 2004, and he was deployed Jan. 2005. It's hard to believe that we ever went through such a horrible time. I can remember the countless nights that I didn't sleep, being GLUED to the news like it was my job, sitting by the phone waiting for his call, praying numerous times a day for his safety, and wondering...would God bring him home in one piece? It was such a trying time in my life and, I have to admit, the hardest thing I have had to go through so far. I often ask myself, did he really live in Baghdad for that long? I wouldn't survive in Baghdad for 48 hours, let alone 64 weeks! I am so proud of him for what he did for our country and I think P will be proud to know that his daddy is a true hero!

Thank you to all the soldiers and their wives, moms, dads, sisters, brothers, kids and anyone else who may be experiencing what J & I did. You will get through it! And we APPRECIATE your service!

I took this picture at the California Pizza Kitchen the day I picked him up from the airport for his 2 week leave. We hadn't seen in eachother in ELEVEN months! I think he deserved the beer!

You should check out my hubby's daddy blog, Financial Dad, or his business blog, Good Financial Cents. I am just glad he is blogging from the U.S. and not a foreign country!

Last week N, from Nina Knows Best, and The MRS, from Simple Yet Classic, gave me this wonderful award! Love these ladies! Sorry it has taken me so long to post about this. I am so slow sometimes! :) I must pass this award on to 5 bloggers that I love. This is gonna be hard! I love all my blog reads!

Here are the rules for this award: 1. Post the award on your blog 2. Link me for giving it to you 3. Link the originating post here 4. Pass the award on to 5 more deserving people 5. Post these rules for your recipients

Here are my picks:
1. Abbi from A Tid Bit of the Taylor's I can so relate to your mommy world! From one mommy to another...I appreciate all the stories about your lil one! 2. Hollie from All Things in Moddy I love your funny posts! And I absolutely love that you spend your Saturday nights playing Yahtzee! We must be dorks just like you. Some of the things we do on our Saturday nights...are not as fun as Yahtzee. 3. Naturally Caffeinated Family, you are my long lost blog sister. There are so many things that make us alike and I am pretty positive, if we lived closer, we would definitely be "inner circle" friends! 4. Mrs. Mojito, from Make Mine A Mojito, (I think she already got this award last week, but I love her blog). ADORABLE couple! I love how sweet your marriage is. Everyone who reads your blog gets the love vibe! 5. Blue-eyed Bride, anyone who references Tori Spelling in her blog...is definitely on my "love" list! You are one of my newer blog finds, but I am so excited to add you to my list of daily reads and I look forward to your posts!

Need a little 'pick me up'....

Head over and visit Southern Newlywed for her fabulous coffee maker giveaway! I love that the blog world is full of great giveaway's...and great bloggers!!

Babysitter experience = SUCCESS!

FYI: I almost forgot to mention that the babysitter and P totally hit it off! Miss E and P = new BFF's! Within the first 5 minutes of her being at the house P was already making her read him a book. We can't wait to ask her to babysit again!


Baby Winter Hat MUST HAVE!

If any of you mommy's out there are looking for the perfect winter hat for your baby...I've found it! Last winter I bought 5 or 6 different hats for my P man and I never loved any of them. I could never get them to stay on his head and it never failed that as soon as I put him in his car seat, got in the driver's seat, and took off, I would look back and the hat had fallen down over his eyes where he couldn't see! So, I would have to either reach back and try and pull it up (while driving-I don't recommend this method) or pull over and take the hat off.

This year I was determined to find a hat that would:
A. Stay on his head
B. Not fall down over his eyes &
C. Cover his ears

I have found it! $14.50 from Old navy and it even comes with matching mittens! P is wearing his in the picture in brown stripe. I love that it stays on his head, doesn't fall over his eyes, and the best part....covers his cute lil ears!

I also really like the Polar Bear Earflap hat from Gymboree. It is also $14.50 and looks like it is just as cozy as the ON hat!


His first fight!

This morning was a typical Sunday morning for the Rose Family. Rushing around trying to get breakfast and coffee under our belts before we headed out the door to church. We actually made it on time...dropped off P in the toddler room and off to sing and worship! Little did I know that while J & I were singing away, P was getting his butt kicked!

As soon as church dismissed we headed to pick up our little man from the "big boy" room. This is only his 3rd or 4th time in the actual toddler room instead of the nursery. He's been doing fine with it though....well....until today. As soon as we walk up, what do we see?.......see for yourself (picture above and picture does not show all his wounds). Our poor P man had a scratch on his nose so deep it was bleeding and 4 to 5 scratches near his eyes and down his face. He looked like he could have been malled by a small animal. And ofcourse, as a mommy, I was so flustered! When I ask if he had gotten in a fight....they responded with "oh, I don't know. I didn't even notice he had something red on his face."

Didn't even notice???? Something red? Yea, that something red is called BLOOD! Even someone half blind would notice the scratches all over his face. I was ready to jump over the gate and kick some little 2 year olds butt! Being the fact that the nursery workers didn't even know it had happened, I obviously didn't know which small toddler to target! How am I ever going to drop him off in the toddler room again without worrying the whole church service that some little guy (or girl for that matter) is bullying my P! I am sure all you daycare moms out there know exactly how I am feeling. Is this normal? Do your kids come home with all kinds of bruises and battle wounds? When I think about it, what makes me the most upset is that the babysitters didn't even address it or know that it had happened. It wasn't like some kid scratched his face with an overgrown fingernail in one slap. I mean, this "kid" must have gone after P a few different times...and no one was even watching!

I am not ruling out that P could be to blame. Trust me, I know how rotten he can be. But, still, someone should have had a closer eye on my baby!


Football Saturday

It's the Carterville LIONS vs Duquoin INDIANS today at 1:00 pm in round 2 of the playoffs! P is already decked out in his orange & blue and is ready to go!

He really enjoys football...well...any ball that he can throw for that matter. But look at him, doesn't he look a future NFL quaterback? :) According to Mike Scanzano (one of our famous Miner league baseball players in the area) he is destine to be a pro with a name like "Parker Wilson Rose". I must agree!


Book Review: I Was A Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids

One of my BF's from Chi, Addie and Mommies Blog, wrote this book review and I felt like I really had to share it with you. This is going to be my next read for sure! If your a mom...I am sure you will agree that this book is a must have! Here is what she wrote:

Do you ever have nights where you just plop down on the couch feeling totally exhausted and wonder what the hell you did all day? The dishes are still in the sink, the highchair still needs to be wiped down, there is a pile of laundry in the hallway and you are still in the outfit you went to bed in the night before. I know Eric must secretly wonder the same thing when he comes home from work and it looks I didn't do anything all day. I always try to justify myself by explaining that I paid bills, went grocery shopping, cleaned out the fridge, graded a few papers while Addie was napping, etc. I don't know why I feel the need to explain myself because Eric never judges me. He thanks me all the time for taking such good care of him and Addie. And deep down I know he means it. But there are times when I have had a long day and he will say something like "do I have any clean work pants?" It's a simple question and I should just answer him by saying "no...I didn't get to washing them today." But instead, I start getting defensive by listing off my daily tasks, which usually leads to a reminder about how I quit my job to take care of our baby. Once I say anything about being a SAHM, his response is usually "lots of moms would kill to be able to stay home with their children." And he is absolutely right. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to be home with Addie every day. I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. But I have to admit...being a SAHM mom isn't what I thought it would be. And honestly...neither is motherhood.

Now don't get me wrong. Motherhood is SO much better than I could have ever imagined. I didn't know it was possible to love someone so much. There are little moments every day where Addie will do something adorable like crawl to me so that I can pick her up and when I do, she will wrap her little arms around my neck and press her face against mine. Moments like this make me close my eyes and thank God for this little peanut. And I know other moms can relate to these precious moments because moms are always willing to talk about the happy stuff. We all sit around telling these cute little stories and then with a collective "Awww" we move on to the next reason motherhood is so awesome. But late at night, when the babies are asleep and we are on the phone with our best friend...the truth tends to come out. Motherhood isn't always as rewarding or joyful as we like to say it is. Sometimes it is exhausting, overwhelming, stressful, confusing....I think you get my point. And when you are done letting out your feelings, you wonder...do other moms feel this way? The answer is...hell yes they do! Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile's book "I Was A Really Good Mom Before I had Kids: Reinventing Modern Motherhood" is the result of an afternoon conversation that led them to the same question. And what they found is that ALL moms, at least to some extent, share a lot of the same feelings about motherhood. We all love being mothers, we just hate doing it.

"This is an amazingly honest thing to say--I love being a mom; I just hate doing it. And it's all the more amazing because it resonates with so many of us. Why? We love our children, and we love being their mothers, but sometimes we just hate doing "it" because "it," as we have defined it, is an impossible job. We're not talking about the indignities of wiping up runny noses or runny diarrhea--we expected as much. We are talking about the crushing exhaustion, gerbil-on-a-flywheel feeling of every day. We're talking about the failure we feel when we can't bring ourselves to make a Halloween costume, even though that very day we rushed out of work early to make it to a Mommy & Me music class. We're talking about the sinking feeling we have when we finally get into bed at night, knowing that we've failed to perform competently (according to ourselves) on yet another day. Those parentheses are very important: we're labeling our own selves failures."

Now I don't want to make the book sound like it is all gloom and doom. It is SO not that kind of a book. It is just honest, and sometimes honesty can be gloom and doom. The authors realize this too and that is one of the reasons they decide to write this book.

"The hope is that we'll raise great kids and be happy doing it. And that means talking about the good and bad sides of motherhood. Because if we can talk honestly, perhaps we can lose the notion that we can and should do it all. And if we can lose that notion, then perhaps we can get a grip on our insane expectations. And if we can get a grip on our insane expectations, perhaps we can stop judging ourselves and other moms, learn to say no when we need to, embrace our daily lives, nurture ourselves and our husbands, and maybe, just maybe, relax and find peace. The ideal is to be true to ourselves, to make conscious choices based on our own value systems (and not others' expectations of us), and to live our lives in ways that serve our own best interests and those of our families. Only then can we begin to love motherhood as much as we love our children."

I don't want to write anymore about the book because it is so much better to just read it for yourself. I wouldn't exactly classify the book as "self help" because that label has such a negative connotation. But honestly...I think the book has helped me. It helped me realize that I don't have to be everything to everybody every day. I don't have to stress about a dirty pile of laundry and I don't have to feel guilty if I decide to order a pizza instead of cooking a wholesome meal one night. So if you are a mom looking for a little self help...or even just a good laugh...this book is for you! And if you decide to read it...I would love to know what you think :-)

Thanks Jen for the recommendation!


My Favorite Jeans

Since it is now fall and winter is approaching, I have been really trying to build up my "warm & cozy" wardrobe. It seems like every year I have a favorite pair of jeans that I wear OVER & OVER & OVER again! Can anyone relate? There are like 35 pair of jeans in my closet, yet I STILL choose to wear only a few of my favorites. So much for variety right?!

This year, I must say, my favorite pair are my Hudson Jeans-Triangle Pocket Bootcut Stretch! I heart them! I got mine at Nordstrom. Thank God we don't live near a Nordstrom or I might have 50 pair! Hubby might question that at $175 a pop. :) But, seriously, if you are looking for a comfy fit with a fabulous style I highly recommend this pair of Hudson's!

Babysitter Checklist

So tonight P will have his very first "real" babysitter. I say "real" babysitter because, up until this point, he has only stayed with Gigi and Papa, Auntie N, or Kiks and Frosty...and I don't consider them foreign people to my lil man. In fact, sometimes I think he'd rather hang with them, than me. Anyway, tonight, for the first time we have asked a high school girl to babyist our P man! This is a BIG (okay, HUGE) step for us. I have been saying I was going to do this for months and now that P is 15 months...it's about time I live up to my word.

So, as I am preparing myself for this big event I thought I should list some essential information every babysitter should have (along with ALL suggestions from my readers on what I have missed!).

Contact information for you and your spouse- Home phone, cell phone, and work phone numbers , as well as the number of the place you will be at (restaurant, friends' house, etc.).
Emergency phone numbers- Fire, police, poison control center, doctor, and hospital numbers. It's also smart to designate one or two neighbors, friends, or relatives as emergency contacts. Leave their names, numbers, and addresses. That way your sitter has someone to turn to in case for some reason they cannot get a hold of you (maybe you've had one too many martini's and you can't hear your phone ring.) Also, just in case you OR your emergency contact person can not be reached (maybe all of you are out martini drinking), leave a healthcare authorization form that allows your sitter to get medical attention for your child in case something terrible happens.
Address- In case of emergency our 911 address is....
A mapped escape route- In case of fire or some other crisis that requires a fast evacuation, your sitter should be aware of all the possible exits from your house. Also make sure she knows where to find the fire extinguisher, flashlight, and first aid kit.
Medical information about your baby- If your child has any allergies or other medical conditions, or needs to take medication, tell your sitter about it in advance and leave instructions. Or maybe your child has a bad case of diaper rash, even something this small should be addressed.
Food- Don't leave this for them to figure out on their own. A teen may not be aware of foods that pose choking hazards. Leave specific instructions on what your baby can and cannot eat and drink. And if the sitter will be preparing formula or giving your baby stored breast milk, make sure she knows exactly how to do it.
Your baby's schedule- It's important that the child not be disrupted from his routine, so make sure and leave instructions for what time your child normally eats, what time he goes to bed, and how his bedtime routine works. (Do you typically read a certain book before bedtime? Do you rock your baby to sleep?)
Favorite things- It is smart to let your sitter know about any favorite toys or security objects (CG) that your baby is use to. If there are certain games or shows that your child likes make sure the sitter knows what they are.
Time- Be considerate and let your babysitter know when they can expect you to be home. If you veer off that schedule, fine...but call and let them know. It's not a bad idea to check in every so often either just to make sure that your baby is adjusting okay. If your a texting mommy, this is a great way to communicate with a teen, so you may try texting to check in on the baby.

I think that is about all I can think of for now. Anything I'm missing?

I am pretty confident that our sitter will be great with P. She is someone that he has been around a few times already so that should help! And, ofcourse I would never have asked her to babysit if I wasn't confident she would do an outstanding job! But, you know me, I like to be prepared so a "checklist"...is a must!


Here is what I deal with....

On the front page of the Southern Illinoisan (local newspaper) Tuesday (election day) this was the topic:

"Why did the chicken cross the road? To get away from the Cops."

"Out of control rooster arrested by police after multiple complaints."

It continued with a story about how police arrested a rooster for allegedly "running around like a chicken with its head cut off". They have incarcerated the rooster at the local police station while they attempt to find it's owner.

SERIOUSLY!!! Is this for real? It was election day...AND this is the kind of news that we are reporting. Crazy. I guess this just proves that there is just not a whole lot going on in good ole SO IL!

Interesting insight...

Like my BF Nina, I saw Mrs. Mojito's post about searching your google analytics account for keywords people are using to find your site. I, too, could not help but laugh when I saw what some people were typing in. There were plenty of "not so funny" ones, but a few that I had to share:

babysitting virtual baby addie - how hard is it to babysit a "virtual" baby? If these people truly want to learn how to babysit...I will loan them P.

mandy+rose+blog - I must say...=love!

in-n-out apron - I knew in-n-out was popular, but do people really buy their aprons? I thought I was the only one in the US that owned one.

nmbelina - the greatest card designer/event planner you will find! Also known as...my real life BF and the creator of all my fabulous holiday cards.

alot-of-woman-in-one-place - let me guess...a single guy typed this in?

and finally....

video nibbles & licks dorothy - No idea! Sounds like it could be the name of some dirty flick? YIKES!

Bachelorette history repeating itself

So I know the most important thing about today is the election of Obama, but I am dying over what I just read on OMG Yahoo! Deanna has officially DUMPED Jesse! Not that I am saying I am disappointed. I mean, in all honesty, I never liked Jesse anyway. Actually, I didn't even really like Deanna. And I mean, who the heck ever believed they would last? Can I pause for a second to explain to you how I became introduced to OMG Yahoo....
My husband and I were talking the other night and here is our conversation:

Hubby: Do you know how much LC makes per episode? (and yes, he is talking about LC, as in Lauren Conrad of the Hills...how very metrosexual of him to refer to her as "LC")
Wife: (weird look-almost a look as if "why are you talking to me about "LC" and "The Hills") No, babe. H o w m u c h?
Hubby: She makes $75,000 per episode.
Wife: Really? Wait, how and why on earth do you know that statistic? And even more so, why are you talking about it? (Last time I checked he wasn't a big fan of The Hills...nor is any guy I know?)
Hubby: I read it on OMG Yahoo! Don't you read that sweetie?
Wife: (SUPER WEIRD LOOK) no response.

Ok, first of all, I thought saying or reading something labeled"OMG" was only allowed by women. Do any of you know any men reading "OMG" Yahoo. Or anything labeled "OMG" for that matter? Unlikely. Second of all I didn't realize my husband even knew what "OMG" stood for. Isn't it more of a girly acronym?

ANYWAY, now that I am done fully admitting that my husband is more up to date on hollywood GOSSIP than I am, let's get back to the story...Deanna and Jesse. Is anyone truly surprised that they didn't last? Come on. I was definetly NOT SHOCKED. I love Deanna's statement too, "I slowly came to realize that we are two totally different people and it wasn't going to work out."

No joke? I could have saved her alot of heartache by revealing this to her months ago. Along with all the other Bachelorette viewers!

I know ABC is prepping it's next season of The Bachelor, but really, shouldn't I know better by now then to keep watching these couples who end up, in the end, not together. Is that really a love story? Who knows. But, I am sure I will somehow become glued to the tv when the new season starts. Darn I'm a sucker! At least Trista and Ryan are on baby #2. That leaves me some hope.

fyi: I have to admit, OMG Yahoo is a great source of hollywood gossip. Once again, hubby knows best.


2 thumbs down!

As I promised, I am reporting back on our first SIU Saluki BB game experience. From the title, I am sure you have already gathered...it did not go so hot. Don't get me wrong, the team was great! It was my son, however, who was...not so great. If I could write him a letter to let him know how he made me feel last night, this is what it would say....

Dear P,

Usually you are one cute little guy. Let me start off by saying that mommy loves you no matter what, but seriously, last night...you were the devil child. Mommy and daddy spent good money on our season tickets this year to watch Saluki basketball. We even have the cushy seats that don't make your butt sore by the second half. Unfortunately, you only allowed me to sit in my seat for 3 minutes and 26 seconds before you started throwing your first public temper tantrum. You were busting out moves I have never seen before. Throwing your head back and stiffening your legs. Trying to hit me. Screaming at the top of your lungs. I think you had the whole sections attention, and it wasn't good attention.

You officially, for the first time, made me feel like "that" mom. You know, when your daddy and I use to go to restaurants and we would see kids screaming and throwing fits we would always shake our heads and think "gosh, please get your child under control" and 100% of the time our thoughts sided with the fact that those parents were doing something wrong. I can officially say that I feel terrible now for all the times I blamed those parents. I realize that it may just be impossible to control no matter how hard you try.

Is there something I can be doing better to teach you how to behave in public? Am I spoiling you too much to the point that you think you are in control? Please do help me understand why you are the nicest, cutest, most loving little boy one second and two point five seconds later...SATAN comes out. I went to bed last night ashamed. I felt like I had failed as a parent. I hate feeling like "that" mom. "That" mom that can not keep her son under control.

Is it possible if next time we attend a game (and there will be a next time because we have tickets to EVERY game this season) that you try to contain yourself from making me look like such a bad mommy? I thought you liked basketball. All I ask is that your next tantrum be a little less dramatic. If there was a baby casting director watching, I am sure you would have been asked to aire on their show asap. I promise to buy you popcorn and a cookie. Will that help?


"That" mommy

We officially have a babysitter for Thursday nights game. I am sure the season ticket holders in our section will be quite thankful.

I have offcially voted!

I do wonder why I always seem so confused when I get my ballot?? Does anyone else feel this way? I am always worried I am filling something out wrong. They make it so "official" that it makes me nervous! And there are always a hand full of names I have never even heard of. Maybe that part is my fault for not becoming more educated. Or maybe it was because I had to fill out a federal ballot because my address was wrong...go figure! I, ofcourse, was the "oh my gosh your so annoying" voter today at the polls. I mean, who waits until the 11th hour to change their address. OOPS! But I am proud to say I have cast my vote for the McCain/Palin ticket!


College Basketball is taking over...

This year we have officially bought season tickets to SIU basketball! We have always been HUGE fans of our alma mater...ofcourse I was forced to be a fan by dedicating 4 whole years as a Saluki Shaker (SIU dance team) and 2 more years as a graduate assistant in SIU athletics...so needless to say...I have been part of SIUathletics for some time now. I actually didn't miss a FB or BB game for 6 years straight! Yes, I know...dedicated right?!

Anyway, tonight kicks off the first SIU BB game and we are super excited! I am contemplating how the heck I am going to keep my son occupied for 2 hours constrained in a chair...but...that will be "to be determined". I'll report back later on that! Speaking of keeping him contained...they need to make chairs with straps at the BB games. That way you can strap your child down, kind of like in a high chair. Ingenious! Unfortunately, I'll probably be spending the majority of the game chasing him behind the bleachers up top instead of sitting in our cushy padded seats! ERR! Wait, am I being super negative today? First the tylenol and now the game dilema. SORRY! I am still feeling the effects of my headache. I am hoping tomorrow my posts are more positive! :)


This is the kind of day I am having! Can anyone else relate????
I promise I will post something blog worthy tonight...after I have finished off this bottle of Tylenol Extra Strength!