2 thumbs down!

As I promised, I am reporting back on our first SIU Saluki BB game experience. From the title, I am sure you have already gathered...it did not go so hot. Don't get me wrong, the team was great! It was my son, however, who was...not so great. If I could write him a letter to let him know how he made me feel last night, this is what it would say....

Dear P,

Usually you are one cute little guy. Let me start off by saying that mommy loves you no matter what, but seriously, last night...you were the devil child. Mommy and daddy spent good money on our season tickets this year to watch Saluki basketball. We even have the cushy seats that don't make your butt sore by the second half. Unfortunately, you only allowed me to sit in my seat for 3 minutes and 26 seconds before you started throwing your first public temper tantrum. You were busting out moves I have never seen before. Throwing your head back and stiffening your legs. Trying to hit me. Screaming at the top of your lungs. I think you had the whole sections attention, and it wasn't good attention.

You officially, for the first time, made me feel like "that" mom. You know, when your daddy and I use to go to restaurants and we would see kids screaming and throwing fits we would always shake our heads and think "gosh, please get your child under control" and 100% of the time our thoughts sided with the fact that those parents were doing something wrong. I can officially say that I feel terrible now for all the times I blamed those parents. I realize that it may just be impossible to control no matter how hard you try.

Is there something I can be doing better to teach you how to behave in public? Am I spoiling you too much to the point that you think you are in control? Please do help me understand why you are the nicest, cutest, most loving little boy one second and two point five seconds later...SATAN comes out. I went to bed last night ashamed. I felt like I had failed as a parent. I hate feeling like "that" mom. "That" mom that can not keep her son under control.

Is it possible if next time we attend a game (and there will be a next time because we have tickets to EVERY game this season) that you try to contain yourself from making me look like such a bad mommy? I thought you liked basketball. All I ask is that your next tantrum be a little less dramatic. If there was a baby casting director watching, I am sure you would have been asked to aire on their show asap. I promise to buy you popcorn and a cookie. Will that help?


"That" mommy

We officially have a babysitter for Thursday nights game. I am sure the season ticket holders in our section will be quite thankful.


Ginette said...

Oh, this kills me. Hilarious. Girl, I know the moments. Been there, done that. Bribe mode is the only line of defense when they are too young to reason with. I would always pack the "bag of goodies". It was filled with a few snacks and any odd thing (toy or not) that would keep his attention. He only got the bag when needed and had to be calm to get it. It really worked. Good luck! ;o)

NINA said...

Ohhh this was really funny... but I feel SO bad for you!!! You shouldn't feel like "that" mommy... he must have been having an OFF day. xoxo, Auntie
p.s. Go Dawgs!

The Mrs said...

Your little boy is darling... sorry you had an off day.
PS I tagged you!

Yaya said...

One word - Benadryl.

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

It is amazing how it's instinct for them isn't it, haa! We are into the testing in public, so where he would listen pretty well at home, he makes Mommy look like a fool sometimes in public, like he has no idea how to obey! :)

Kelly said...

We have all been there. Unfortunately, he is just approaching "that age" where these are going to be more frequent. From our experience, just get your paitence ready. It is the hardest job we do. Remember my kid at EVERY football game this season? We have both left in tears.